DD TV Why was it the final encore?

Again on the memories and arguments on why a popular music act of the 80’s suddenly stopped being popular

I am going to focus on Bananarama, the only girls band, who has been on the road since the early 80’s (as I know, at least) , but whose popularity went fading in the past few years, in particular in their home country. The ladies have now announced they would do a comeback tour this December 2017 in the UK and this caused a stir, a global “wow!!!! ”

Bananarama was one of my favourite female vocal pop groups and I’m taking now the chance to take a look at their history and success. All support girls on your come back, on the stage at least!  It all started in 1981 and it peaked in the mid-80’s. The right girls at the right place, the necessary chemistry to make together the right songs at the right moment and the wisest choices that led the group to leave their mark. The girls individually decided to leave the band for family reasons, for trying to fly solo, or just to break free from the same team of producers and this led the band into the dark. Having said that, seen that nostalgia is a growing feeling lately, after huge demand the “ex-girls” decided to do a comeback tour in the UK. Who can tell, could this be the seed for new music?

I knew the girls thanks to the hit single “Cruel Summer”, it was heavily aired on my favourite radio stations and I was impressed by their vocal harmony. I often wondered how three different voices could sound like one ?? In fact this technique became the “brand” of the band and no one else could sing and do it better than they did for some time. “Venus” was their peak: I learnt the moves of the few dances off their “sexy” clips … Good times to be a teen!

Prior to say that decade – the Eighties – which was rated as “ephemeral, hedonistic, shallow” was indeed “a lab” to make new music, as bands like Bananarama weren’t seen again in the following years, I think that again, I saw pressure as the main reason for a successful band to break up. I think that the intention of raising a family (although all members were girls) is just secondary, but equally important. Years later, with my “adult”- like view, I saw again “superstars” giving it up as “normal people” as we fans would do, with the only big difference that their “life” so stressful to them is the same kind of life I dreamt of when I was a kid !! I have to wonder if I still aspire to that kind of life, whenever I listen to my favourite music. … LOL!

My hat off of these trio, because their pop music success, underneath the surface, it reincarnated the struggle to independence of women, following the example given by Madonna. I wish now the share of success between men and women is more equally distributed in the rock industry ,but more importantly, that female musicians get more respect today than they got back then: I really hope there wouldn’t be any more “struggling” for it behind a three minutes song.


DD TV xx


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