DD TV Playlist – 5th November 2017

Duran Duran – Looking for cracks in the pavement

Anna Ross – Karman Line

Dom Brown –  Going down but not slow

Andy Taylor – Visible Target

Arcadia – El diablo

The Power Station –  Living in Fear

Warren Cuccurullo –  Suddenly spring

John Taylor –  The other side of the sun

The Devils – Dark Circles

Neurotic Outsiders – Jerk

Autohypnosis –  Absence of

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Love shadow

Michael Des Barres –  Dancing on the brink of disaster

The Gravity Drive – Shooting star

Depeche Mode – Everything counts

Levante – Gesù Cristo sono io

Rita Ora – Anywhere

Imagine Dragons – Whatever it takes


DD TV xx


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