DD TV The Screamer – November 2017


We often watch the talent shows or simply the music shows on TV and whenever we hear any coach or any critics saying “Oh, you are awesome: you  got a black-style voice!” this makes us smile (if not laugh…!).

Black music spread throughout the States thanks to the slaves who arrived in America – North, Central and South – from Africa: those guys brought in there their culture, values, their approach, their traditions, their folk. They inspired and produced several music genres of the African diaspora, including rock and roll, Caribbean music, blues, jazz, R&B, ska, reggae, soul and gospel, … to name a few.

According to their culture, music is designed to unify people; to these guys music is something with no borders: our own approach in music is way different to theirs, although now also few “white” vocalists do have songs off the black music genres in their repertoires. As for the voices, to speak it easy, our throats is physically different to the black vocalists and what comes out is not a vocal melody featuring the same notes (high notes vs. low notes): the vocalists who are “naturally” able to reach the other’s notes are just awesome! School and vocal coaches can give their contribution to keep the ability, but it’s a matter of throats, it’s an innate skill. This is a different throat that can give a new approach to the voice and to the vocal melody: that’s amazing!

The origins of any music is important and relevant to whoever’s ears: these guys had a unique talent and everyone in our Continent has noticed it. This makes them  unique vocal performers. Being “unique”, we are all aware of this, inspires respect and admiration from  the rest and that’s why these new “voices type” is now known thanks to TV.

We admire these new vocalists (trained or “innate”) and we guess that singing à la black music” is the new little “challenge” option for the vocalists competing in the Talent shows and a new performance for us to review in the future. (wink, wink) .


We are still waiting for announcement and updates on the second year of this new TV Talent show.

X FACTOR 2017 – 2018

The team of judges for the 2017 edition was announced. After rumours and much speculation, the names are: Manuel Agnelli, Levante, Mara Maionchi, Fedez. Levante (it means “East” in Italian) is a young Italian songwriter, who comes  from the indie world and never won any talent show; the other three coaches are people confirmed  from previous editions.

X Factor Italy has kicked off in mid-September 2017.

One of the coaches, Fedez has announced his split-up from the format next year, for family reasons.

The first audition was good, we were impressed by some bands, in particular, whose guys sound less afraid, more opened and more grounded. Then the usual screamers performed with their share of passion on the stage.

The three applicants for each category were chosen and we’re going to share our “Will wins-shold wins” here: category “Bands” will win: Sem&Stein (they do music off the 80’s and are queer guys) – should win: Ros, because they actyally are a long time “indie” band – category “Under aged men”: should win Samuel Storm (he’s a migrant); should win Gabriele Esposito (he’s a long time Talent Shows applicant) – category “Under aged women”: Will win and should win Camille Cabaltera (same as of Gabriele Esposito); category “Over 25 years men”: should win: Enrico Nigiotti (he’s an awesome songster and he applied in other Talent Shows) – will win: Andrea Radice (a pizza maker who is fond of music and singing). All support!!


DD TV xx


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