DD TV Glam Pop Party – November 2017

We are on the way to say goodbye to November 2017, as it is coming to an end. It feels already as much cold as if in December… brrrr… the climate change is hitting hard! The show must go on, so they say

So, we are here to share the new end-of-the-month list, arguing on one topic versus some of the others that we usually speak of !

This time the topic is “The challenge” (in particular the challenge to take the right decisions to celebrate at best the big anniversaries on the road)

The challenge vs. Style

After years spent on the road and in the studio every artist has tried all ways to appeal and to be appealing to the masses and to the media. The biggest challenge to them is when it marks a milestone anniversary: although it is a little quieter and more relaxed time to go thru, on the celebration of a milestone date they have to struggle the pressure of the long-time fans, basically and all offers of the major record labels, secondly. They have to fix it all with style…

The challenge vs. The question

The dilemma is: new music, or a whatever “Greatest Hits” compilation out for the fans? The answer might change the artist’s fate.

The challenge vs. Live shows

Celebrating the milestone dates with a mini or larger world tour isn’t obligatory for any musician, but feeling the love on the stage and being with the people who have supported you so far for a couple of hours is temptation hard to resist !!! The celebrative special set lists are a hot topic. Live shows are a business, but when they’re to celebrate, they’re, they must be parties!

The challenge vs. Legacy/currency

Celebrating a milestone date is the door to the present and future for any artistic career and it is the point where legacy and currency can meet. The challenge is to give to each of them the fair share of importance and relevance.

The challenge vs. The top albums

If any musician who arrives marking an important anniversary decides to make new music, it means it is like his inspiration reaches the top and goes to the studio to record a top album.

The challenge vs. Music Awards

The only Music Award that they deserve is a Lifetime Achievement Award, at this point: this is the honour to a life spent for music and arts. This acknowledgement represents the one of the industry to the efforts made.

The challenge vs. Covers and remakes

Covers and remakes can be imagined and recorded on the occasion of big anniversaries, but who would record a tribute to others when the tributes should be paid juts by those “others” ??? And covering other artists hits might be a risk to see their anniversary spoiled by critics on the cover made, which is not the case, who artist  would run that risk? ….

The challenge vs. Producers

We guess the producers of the best record(s) done thru the years, if still alive, should be contacted to take part to the celebrations: the challenge is to resist to the temptation to call in them again for another amazing record!


DD TV xx



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