DD TV Lyrics – Why do we still to learn them by heart?

I think I started to rate lyrics as something important since my late teenage. Basically, no one in my circle or family forced me to, but there was then one reason that today I guess it might sound silly: I didn’t want to cut a poor figure whenever it occurred I had to sing along an English song with others (at the pub, or at a gig)!!

Growing up into my adulthood, I did change perspective on music overall, I did change the views on the ones was surrounding me; also, I changed company, also I later started to work: I guess any of these factors mentioned, with a different impact, changed my fan experience.

Lyrics represent to the non – English speaking students a huge opportunity to learn new words and new terms (not so much the grammar, because they’re words in rhyme to be sung, so grammar is a bit neglected for lyrical reasons): apart from the pronunciation of them, everyone can take the chance to put new items in their vocabulary. So, fun apart, you can enhance and enrich your English: the only thing is that in non-English speaking areas you can’t practice what you have learnt, Ta-dah … we have the internet, where you can swap ideas and have amazing conversation with other fellow fans using the words you have just heard: with the help of their English answers you can keep monitored your vocabulary. On all, lyrics are the best opportunity for your fluency in English if you really are interested in English written lyrics and also if you are patient and determined. If you English is poor, do not give up to this.

The funniest side of sharing the lyric was primarily and basically to be able to sing your favourite tracks along with your friends: is it again? There is nothing bad to sing along while listening to your music on the radio: your radio has been the gym where I could practise during my teenage, in order to meet with other fellow fans, at parties, or rendezvous, or at the meetings during the Year End holidays.  Now in my adulthood, I still listen to the radio, but the “frantic life” so to speak (LOL!) on the social platforms there is little chance to sing along my songs with others. The fans in my circle are now grown up guys and do sing but on their own. I try to do my best to not give up the fun.

A particular featurette on our Facebook Page is one we ironically named “Read it and Catch it”, in which we make few lyrics reviews on a selection of songs fans wrote us in. That is a big test of our knowledge on the artists, and on the making of that lyric, then you have our own interpretation. The knowledge of the artist and of the song is the base,  it is the starting point of any lyric review: I think that you have to know the exact moment in the career of the artist, the reasons why it was written. That’s a huge help. Before proceeding with the lyric review you can read specific written footage on the song that you can find on the online interviews or off clippings. You actually can make less mistakes on your reviews if you proceed like the above. It is the best trick, it is what we advise you. This featurette is the occasion to share our views on the meanings of songs with the rest of our peeps, but if there is confrontation, it is a test on the level of our fluency in English (that is, if the song is totally misunderstood, we’d better read the lyrics again with the help of a English-Italian dictionary) .

To end we are going to write an ironic conclusion: if you aren’t interested in lyrics (because you are English-speaking or because you choose to put more importance on the music in any song) then… choose to listen to instrumental tracks only!!! LOL!

DD TV xx


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