DD TV Glam rock party – December 2017



We are long time rock music fans and this question came out one day: is it necessary to scream and to make a “rock” voice (à la Bryan Adams, à la Rod Stewart) to sound recognizable?

On 19th March, the pioneer guitarist Chuck Berry passed away: he created the ground for rock and roll as we know it and he was famous also for the “Duck walk” when he played the guiatrs. Berry, who was 90 years old, he influenced ALL the guitarists. RIP and walk like a duck in peace, Chuck!

Why in the TV Talent shows rock songs are rarely chosen for the competitors to perform? What are the rules to respect in the assignment process?

The is TV commercial going on heavy rotation on CNN and it features a legendary song of Ramones. Good taste, the CNN guys…

14th June 2017: Shine in peace to the rock icon of the ‘70s Anita Pallenberg, actress, muse, groupie and model and ex-wife of Keith Richards of Rolling Stones. She was in rock music thanks to her love affairs with members of The Rolling Stones.

20th July 2017: we have lost  the lead vocalist of Linkin Park, the pop-metal American band. Chester Bennington was only 41 and he committed a suicide just as Chris Cornell, a close friend, who was the lead vocalist of Soundgarden, Audioslave. Rock in peace.

German Rock, US rock, …? It is always rock and roll, we think.

The legendary hard-rock English band Led Zeppelin are a huge influence on today musicians: although they stopped releasing records (their drummer has gone years ago and their bass player is retired), the new rockers still take inspiration from their music. And off the ‘80’s, you had Queen, who claimed they sounded like Led Zeppelin and Beatles.

We watched an amazing video footage on the Italian TV channel Rai 5, in late September 2017, about the electric guitars, titled “Turn it up!” Lots of famous guitar heroes were involved and few of them even interviewed. Actually we finally learnt that major rock trademarks are divided on the market like the following: Fender – Telecaster was the commercial opposite to Gibson Les Paul.  The same Italian TV station, few days later, aired another special footage called “It might get loud” and shot in 2008, hosting Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge of U2 and in which the three guys spoke of their approach to guitars: we were hooked to the TV set!

25th October: we say goodbye to Fats Domino, one of the pioneers of rock and roll and rhythm and blues. He was also a.k.a “the black side of Elvis Presley”. Blues with rhythm in peace, dear.

19th November and we say goodbye to Malcom Young, the guitarist and founder of the long-time rock band AC/DC. Most of the celebrities cried for the loss of this amazing artist. Awesome legacy.

6th December: another loss in rock music: Rock in peace to Johnny Halliday. He was the French Elvis Presley, he did rock music in French. The French are without their only rock icon.



It deals with a “Best of”  featuring tracks of The Cream, solo stuff, blind Faith and the other band he played guitars recorded in the studio and footage taped during live shows. It is the ideal mix to come to know better the legend and the greatness of Eric Clapton for the “beginners”, for the younger guys that for age reasons could not hear it all; it is the best to go thru better blues music, its roots and how it grew into rock music.

We heard amazing guitar riffs. Clapton guitars can get fit to any genre: here we heard mambo (“I Feel free”, ballads, reggae, “Knockin’ on heaven’s door”).

Impossible to pick up one track that can describe Eric Clapton the best.

And get well soon, Slow Hand!!!


This is the album recorded and released before Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane. It was released in 1971, but for age reasons, most of us could enjoy it only now, with more wisdom and peace.

David is a visionary artist and it shows it also in this piece, because we find experimental, brave and we could “understand” it only after few listens.  We expected rock guitar riffs, having Mick Ronson playing on most of the tracks, instead, to our surprise, more than one song is accompanied by the piano, strings, acoustic guitar.

We had an idea that the songs of this album are somehow linked, related together, as if in a “concept album”, as if in a music base for a musical on whatever. Amazing!

Our fave tracks are: the hit singles and, Andy Warhol, Queen B*cth, The Bewlay Brothers (“…We were so turned on… “), Fill your heart.


It deals with his debut solo opera recorded between 1988 – 1992 . We expected a rock album and in fact it is. Steve Lukather is a long time rock guitarist, session man who played guitars for the greatest and he is the only member of Toto who has played in any of their studio albums since 1978: his long time musicianship is not arguable.

The guitar is the leading instrument, it is the loudest instrument. Steve Stevens, Slash are some of the gusts on his record. The album recalls much of the Toto-style music, lyrically as well and not because he wanted to “copy” his original band, but because he was used to play in that way.

It is a rock “party” album we’ll certainly keep in our music library to listen to over and over again. Our favourite tracks are: Twist the knife, Swear your love, Drive on a crooked road, Fall into velvet, Darkest night of the year,


This is the final encore; this is the last studio album the legendary long time rock band released before splitting up ever. (We will miss them…. Awesome legacy: are they aware of it??)

These songs come from the recording sessions the guys did after the “Division Bell” tour, circa 1994, so Richard Wright is the only member credited on the songs, but he passed away few years later.

The album is ambient rock and ambient style music, purely Pink Floyd-style and totally instrumental, apart from the few opening second on “Things Left Unsaid”, when you can hear two men arguing on whatever and you hear one of them saying “Things left unsaid”.

Both guitar riffs, drum solos and moog, synths are equally and awesomely played. We easily took certain guitar riffs for the sound of a bird

Our favourite tracks are: Sum, Ebb and flow, Anisina, This is what we do.


DD TV xx


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