DD TV – The night of the Music Awards

Another year, dozens of nominations, names, music heroes and the usual excitement to pay tribute to each of them, to celebrate our favourite music with our friends and the peeps out watching DD TV.

The date of it all was Saturday December 16th: again we wanted to pick up a mid-December day, because it was far enough from Christmas, so to have the chance for everyone in and out, to arrive relaxed to this “family moment”, away from “big events pressure”… LOL!

We kicked off the night with the classic curtains opening, the choreography behind showing (the waterfall, the water flowing effect through the steps of the escalade and after the DD TV voice that did the welcome to everyone to the DD TV Music Awards, a presenter on top of the escalade introduced Anna and Ross, a female vocalist/guitarist duo (a couple of friends of ours who live in the Milan hinterland, actually!), who loved “First Day” the debut single of Duran Duran’s backing vocalist. So in love with it, so impressed by her debut song that they immediately offered to arrange and to perform for the Awards night a semi-acoustic version of it. They were excited, both during the rehearsals and during the number on the stage. So were we.

After listening to their tribute, it was the moment to call in the first couple of presenters on the podium that appeared at the bottom of the escalade: the guys the General Portion Awards. Nothing is granted ever in this portion, because here the voters are variegated, the votes don’t come from any specific Fans community, which instead has had, later, a whole dedicated portion of Awards. We noticed in the “Best album award” category a funny coincidence:  the “rivals” off Pink Floyd, Dave Gilmour and Roger Waters, both running in the same category and one of them even won it! It was a huge surprise to see a rapper winning the Best Song Award, the first time it happens, but looking at the Italian charts at the top there are rappers’ records. The “Italian album Award” was a surprise: there were albums nominated since January, but a very recent entry was the winner!

The way to go towards the Duran Portion Awards was a “freaky idea” we had when in September, when the band announced the end of the “Paper Gods era”: how could we pay tribute again to an album we still love, but which is already two years old? We thought the best was to sing loud and along its songs, so we prepared a medley, based on a semi-instrumental part of the title track, in the end of the track itself (we found it enough groove-y for our purposes) and we extended its play, to enable us to sing over the refrains of the rest of the songs. The result? Exciting and funny! We just didn’t care we weren’t so much good as Simon is at singing, we just had fun “singing” !!!

Finally it was the time to announce the 2017 winners of the categories of the Duran Portion. By the way, it was so fine proceeding to take nominees and votes from June 1st, instead of February 1st, as we agreed earlier this year. We “monitored” the situation from February, as well and we didn’t have trouble “connecting” with the voters later in June. We are going on like this with the future; we noticed also that there is less stress and less pressure from both sides, that is you and us! As for the winners, probably Arcadia, Rio and Secret Oktober, maybe The wild boys too, were granted winning tunes off of their categories, but no one of us could bet one penny on the winning tour, the “All You Need is Now tour”. We would like to finish adding that in the Best Spin off – B Side Project Award”: to us the real winner is Anna Ross: there is much love around her.

There was not real intention of wrapping up by cheering along Band Aid’s “Do they know it’s Christmas?”, but we did it !!! So far, there was no final cheers to the fans watching out that did include our thanks to everyone involved, doing the traditional Happy Holidays wishes: so the music started and … “DD TV Aid” was served . We think our generation is the one that best captured the message and the feeling of that song; we think also that the loudest “voice” is the one of music and Band Aid is the best example.

Thanks to our sponsors: Samsung, Telecom Italia, HP and Epson.

Thanks for support, for voting and for tuning in on our blog and FB Page. Stay tuned for the next things we are preparing….

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

DD TV xx


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