DD TV Glam Pop Party – December 2017

Guys this is a special edition of our lists, because we are going to wrap up the year. We are listing our fave moments in the year in music, by picking up most of the topics we are used to argue about:

Happy New Year!

Styles (singing, drumming …) the music we have loved this year didn0t change much, so our favourite music styles remained the same. We were lucky to find awesome new artists that could match our tastes.

The question to 2018 Would you please bring joy, peace and health and certain few music albums we’re awaiting for a long time?

The top albums We’re finally listening our fave albums we wrote in a long wishing list we drew down years ago. 2018 was the right time to kick off the search and listening to these awesome records.

The challenge The key word should be “revolution”: to stop certain things to happen or to let kick others off.

DD TV Music Awards New rules coming both in the DD Portion – Member of the year and in the General Portion as we are thinking to reformulate the Artist if the Year – Person of the Year – Fact of the Year category.

DJ music We discovered new DJs. They really are today “multi-tasking” people: they collaborate in co-writing lyric and music, in mixing and remixing, in adding their parts on both original songs and covers, they’re producers, and they’re record label founders.

News No more news of musicians and artists passing away please….. We’d love to hear those lovely “shocking” news we heard on the radio back in the 80’s.

Radio We are re-discovering the web radio stations. They’re a good alternative to the ones offered by the normal FM stations.

Covers and remakes This year we heard few new arrangements of oldies off our generations. It confirmed that also 2017 covers and remakes is again a business, a trend, a challenge

Producers Mark Ronson and Rick Rubin are our new fave producers. A big producer needs time to be rated “big” by his musicians and other time to consolidate his reputation to the fans, because fans don’t have to be forced to welcome any producer.

DD TV xx


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