DD TV Happy New Year … and the speculation is served

Happy New Year – 2018 and the speculation worldwide is served

This is the very first blog I post in the New Year. First off thanks for reading us and thanks to WordPress.com for hosting us!

Why do I speak of speculation? Actually it is related to 2018 and the anniversary a large part of the fan community where I am in does (want to) celebrate, because 1978 it is generally rated the year where the core of the project, the idea, the motivation to form our fave band took place. We were a bit shocked to  rather officially learn that the anniversary “will officially fall in 2020 but it will begin in 2019”  This statement is encountering some doubts and malcontent, because everybody grew up with the idea it all kicked off to be celebrated in 2018. All so weird… but this created lots of confusion and confusion creates speculation. The long-time persisting lack of communication within the band members and between the band and the fans has been creating speculation, as well.

One of the results of fans’ speculation are the “suspects”, the “ideas”, and the rumours; last, but not least, the fake news, all mixed in and up like pieces of fruit in a blender. Why do most of the fans defend their idea to kick off celebrating 1978 and why do others are backing the idea to celebrate 1980? My very own opinion comes from a hidden meaning behind 1980: their most controversial guitarist, whose comeback is longed for from a large part of the audience (so my approval goes the band), whereas 1978, as we have already witnessed not long ago, seems to be pushed by “business”: remember their 78 – 03 tour? I can’t forget all the goodies out on that occasion. 1978 or 1980?? Gosh, it sounds surreal, weird. Hope all of this confusion around the date wouldn’t make the band ridiculous.

“Party”: the key word, the only word in this “storm”, in this moment of speculation and confusion that seems to unify and placate the fans, as well. It seems only this word can put all together, because the plans ARE to go party, somehow. Everyone has very personal ways to “celebrate”. No fan seems to join others to celebrate a common cause. Weird!

“Certainty”: the “powers to be” thru the official Pages have to invent, daily, something exciting to keep the fandom alive and responding, up to the “official” anniversary date”, which is known only by them. New music released thru satellite music projects is scheduled to be out and few others have been already released: One thing for sure I’m enjoying them right now. This band I’ve been speaking of in this blog, (without naming it… LOL!) is (and never was it! … ) able to celebrate dates and Awards, but, seen this milestone anniversary that the whole fandom is much looking forward to, they might surprisingly grant something, a clue, whatever … one day.

Speculation or transparency? Speculation has run thru the Community at any time the line-up changed: never the Why behind any of their decision and they left us guessing. Two biographies were realized but they are two eye-openers in different directions. I don’t think my music heroes are obliged to say the truth, but I am starting to find this lack of communication today a little lack of respect towards us: do not forget that fans buy your music and they deserve some more “company” from you.

Happy New Year in music peeps!!

DD TV xx


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