DD TV The Reader – January 2018

THE READER – January 2018


“Italia dei Secoli d’Oro” (Italy in the Golden age” by Indro Montanelli with Roberto Gervaso

It was a history book on the Italian Renaissance, from 1253 up to 1492.

It was an amazing read. This time I picked up an only-history book, but I didn’t find it boring or hard – like the history books at school have been – It is because its language was easy and the authors are two of the nicest men on Earth! All the facts were enriched by a supplement featuring the main protagonists’ biographies, the maps of the facts, and a list of few of the most famous paintings.

I did laugh, when it was due, although the centuries were crossed by the plague, few wars and other rows around the Roman and orthodox Churches and the growth of Islam.

It is not the right place to share what learnt, but it is the room for a review strictly on a writing, but, I want to shortly mention that it was the Golden Age for my country only in the arts, literature and architecture: we didn’t fight to have a solid state, we’d rather fighting to empower the Town Halls, differently than in other Countries, we didn’t have the National Parliament, a unique central Government and this lack has had an impact in the centuries to come. Awesome legacy…

The book is part of a series of history books by the same authors, all focusing on the history of Italy. Interesting…


“Down – Pinhole” by Glenn Cooper

An engaged couple, Emily and John – she is a scientist, he is a bodyguard – get involved in the top secret science project “Hercules”, which takes place at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland and in this phase, at the same time in a laboratory in Dartford, UK and it is aimed to study gravity and to find parts previously undiscovered.

One day it is decided to test the LHC parts accelerator, but during the experiment someone decides to go beyond the target of the experiment and something goes strange.  Emily, who is the closest inside the lab to the machine,  ends up … in hell. The LHC inside the Dartford laboratory is actually located in the same place where years before there was a prison: leading the parts acceleration to over 30 TeV of speed, the energy resulting from the particles acceleration created a space/time tunnel, thanks to which Emily is brought to another dimension: still in Dartford, UK, but she finds herself surrounded by  the zombies of the convicted of that prison and, at the same time, the science team inside the lab finds the “zombies” !! John, who throughout the book has looked to me like a Rambo character, wants to go “there” to try finding Emily and bringing her back, so he gets FBI, MI5 and the lab crew persuaded to repeat the “Hercules” test under the same condition and to repeat the test once a week until both John and Emily finally get back to 2014 Dartford. So the good day arrives and John happens to be in hell and goes to her search anywhere, until he can find and save her, with the help of few friendly zombies.

Cooper’s hell described here is influenced by the Dante’s one, as they both share the presence of the historic characters and leaders of their times. The Dante’s Divine Comedy characters aren’t zombies though, and are put under eternal torture; Cooper’s ones are zombies, who normally live in villages and towns in the real countries of their previous lives, but there is no church and the land is desolated, abandoned; there is no sunshine, or day and night

I love the “cinematic” language of this tale, whose plot takes place in 2014 and funny enough it is written in the past tense.

This is the first of a three-chapters saga: no, I’m not going to read the rest, because this reading enough overexcited me and the future chapters are similar to the first one.


Antonio Capranica – l’Intramontabile Elisabetta (the Elizabeth)

A royal gossip and history book on the most ancient Monarchy in the world, the Windsor. It is easy-reading, the language is the one of gossip, but the history facts are described with details.

I’m learning lot of things on the Windsor. The books kicks off from the birth of Queen Elizabeth up to these days, (so you can read about Her coronation, the birth of her children, etc. … )


Richard Blade – World in my eyes. The biography of the famous US DJ who cleared the ground for the British New Romantic bands to be successful in north America. A book of anecdotes, names and awesome music.

Corrado Augias – Le ultime diciotto ore di Gesù. (“the last 18 hours of life of Jesus”) The Italian journalist writes his “discoveries” on the “historical” Jesus, that is not about the “Prophet” written in the Gospel.


Next update: in June 2018


DD TV xx


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