DD TV Glam Pop Party – January 2018

It is the end of the current month and we are here to share the first of the 2018 list, because we are saying goodbye to January!

We come back to the original way of arguing; one topic versus some of the others that we usually speak of.

This time the topic is “Legacy and currency”

Enjoy the new list!

Legacy/currency versus The question

It is awesome to celebrate the milestone anniversaries, but is it worth to celebrate the forming of a band or the very first hit release date, either is it necessary to celebrate the very day a solo artist begins his career?

Legacy/currency versus Live shows

We guess the hottest topic within the fans is the set list of the concerts scheduled under the anniversary date: on the fans’ side, you have speculation and expectations rising and, as opposite, from the artists you have “embarrassment”, so to speak, and lingering on. You know only during these gigs if legacy or currency is more important to your music heroes, by looking at the set list.

Legacy/currency versus Top albums

Fans can only hope for, expect (and demand, as well?) the release of compilations and “Greatest Hits”, or reissue under deluxe format of the latest album released, or of the most successful albums. Rarely artists go to the studio and sit down to plan making new music for the anniversaries: we can boost about being fans of one of these “rare” musicians. Business and long-time fan experience have seen legacy to prevail over currency.

Legacy/currency versus The challenge

This is, to follow, the best quote ever from one of our fave artists: “The challenge is to keep the connection with the fans”. It is beautiful that, at least, one artist read our mind. It would be amazing if the connection with fans were alive throughout their career. Long-time careers are consolidated “together” with the fans: there should be mutual respect, every single day of the public life they share with us.

Legacy/currency versus Music Awards

The Music Awards go to pay homage to the importance of the artists’ legacy, think of the Lifetime Achievement Awards; if whatever small is done for the currency is not very much supported. The Music Awards usually follow their own schedule: we have never seen Awards appropriately designed on the anniversary of milestone days: we secretly always wish this could happen, though.

Legacy/currency versus DJ mixes and music

Aside the release of “special” compilations, Best of, deluxe versions of albums, DJs can move on and work on new “special” re-arrangements of the most popular hits of the past: this might read naïve or boring, but DJs tend to positively empathize the music history of their artists. Legacy, in this way, can become currency for younger fans. The best situation for all fans – long-time and new fans – is the release of new music re-arranged, because DJs can offer their skills to make killer remixes that younger generations surely like and the “killer” remixes give more credibility to the long-time artist. The choice to go call for a DJ is just the artist’s decision; we fans cannot influence their option at all when the deal is sealed. One last thought can be that the contribution of DJs is much like the help from rappers.

Legacy/currency versus News

News has to come in, we should know of what happens on celebration and possibly, no speculation has to rise with news in. Taking assumptions on the steps your artists want to take is “embarrassing”, it marks there is not connection, there is a vacuum in the middle. Speculation is not a good thing on the artist’s reputation, because it is like gossiping back. On a personal note, we fear “the fog” in our own Fan community, because during the “no-news” gap every word is misunderstood and the speculation due to the “no-news” gets divisive on most of the topics: it is sad we are not able to enjoy both legacy and currency of our fave artist.

Legacy/currency versus Forming a fantasy line-up band

On particular milestone anniversaries, certain artists can decide to perform their most popular hits with other artists: it is better considering this move for the legacy, less for the currency. The new artists joining the party for anniversaries  – no matter if older or if younger – can appeal more attention, so more fans, although temporarily; these performances usually become memorable and cast new light on the artist’s credibility to others’ eyes. Of course, the choice of the artists to invite others needs to be pondered; one hint is that usually the best new breakthrough acts are encouraged by the name of the long-time artist who is celebrating!

Legacy/currency versus Covers and remakes

Artists rarely record covers and remakes, they are supposed to focus on new music; to focus on going on tour to promote their new songs! Re-arranging vintage hits never really helps to be popular within the masses: re-arranging old hits is just a dicey territory and that is the reason why artist rate covers and remakes as a “second option”, as something to release in a secondary market. The old hits to celebrate are just their own, they rarely intend to pay tribute to their covers of others’ ones.


DD TV xx


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