DD TV – Changes of heart

I have to admit I am sort of conformist kind of person, that is I love keep doing the same things, I love respecting (my) traditions, I love (my) habits: when it comes to new things, I get scared, at first.

I am a cautious one, I usually make plans “B”, but rarely are they used for the so-called “changes of heart” on things I was used to love. Because love to me is eternal, I am a loyal one, a loyal fan, a loyal reader.

Here I argue about the very rare changes of heart, in music and around. It is easy to list the changes of heart in music: no more love on an album track, no more posting on a social platform, no more listening to a radio station. My changes of heart arrive after long years of love and so, after someone “opened my eyes” on that song, or on that musician; changes of heart arrive in the “age of disillusionment”, which is right now.

The only changes of heart that took place to me so far, have just happened, no one has scheduled them, unless the change of heart needed a change of habits. I never think about it, at least immediately. Some days later I realize of the change and my very first reaction is like “I feel free now!”  Other times I crash down laughing at myself, because I’m really a traditionalist and it’s not frequent to see me accepting a change or making a change. As I said above, certain changes are known earlier to me, so they are pondered: I think about the change, the possible effects, and the new habits coming after that, the impact on the people around me. The reasons generally are profound and really come from the heart, never from my brain.

Considered my “traditions lover” nature. my changes of heart so far have been few and their effects/consequences last for a long time. I am used to think it twice before changing again, or before changing the first time. Changes of heart are taken seriously and I never hurry before letting them happen, unless they deal with my health.

I’m no more a teenager and probably that’s why changes of heart happened less frequently, as wisdom has a bigger role, a bigger room now. My family and friends of my circle stick around, but my decisions and my changes of heart are mostly of my own; if on important issues, like health or security, decisions might be taken together. My struggle to feel ok is daily.


DD TV xx


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