DD TV The Viewer – February 2018

Aside the only official Oscar’s ceremony held in LA every year, this is the place where we post our feedback on the most impressive movies we have watched in these past few months.

We use the following “rough” method for the rating.

*** (3 stars) good movie, but not excellent

**** (4 stars) great

***** (5 stars) don’t miss it, highly recommended

THE WAVE (Norway 2015) with Kristoffer Joner and Ane Dahl Torp.

It deals with a disaster movie, whose fact, for the first time ever, doesn’t take place in the States, or in Asia, or in Mexico, but in Northern Europe.

The story I that a tsunami comes to destroy a little town near Oslo, Norway.  within the fiords. The little town is crowded of tourists. Some of the “omens” are the local birds that scream and fly away and little earthquakes. A geologist is the “good Samaritan”, the hero of the movie, as he’s the one who realizes first of the meanings of the omens and tries to save from the water his family and the most of the other people in that moment on the place.

It was so realistic, because it is NOT fiction that Norwegians use drill to make holes in the local mountains to get oil and gas from the ground, in older to turn them into energy for their industry, but the consumed rock of these mountains can crumble and the biggest stones can fall into the water of the Sea making big tsunamis! We have had the Vajont dam, a similar fact that really took place in Northern Italy back in 1963 and 3,000 people died, after a big tsunami was generated by an avalanche off the Mount Toc, just over the town of Longarone, which was devastated.

I was impressed by the amazing computer graphic effects. I was impressed that despite destruction, I did not see much blood …

The conversationalist message is: certain natural disasters are the result of human (wrong) activity. Let’s stop spoiling or teasing the environment for the “energy no matter how much it costs” thing.

THE IRON GIANT (USA, 1999) of Brad Bird

It was an anime that was aired before – the movie is about 10 years old – but I could watch it only in early December 2017 and it was amazing, I was impressed, it did move me.

The story is that an alien iron robot falls on Earth, in the forest of a town named Rockwell, Maine USA. It is 50’s and we’re in the middle of the Cold War. The robot is “hungry” and his food is iron and goes around getting pieces of it, unbeknown to make damage to the human activities. A brave child, Hogart, finds him and speaks to him and they become friends, but the big trouble is to be accepted by the humans. Humans, in fact, try to capture and to destroy the robot, after all damage he has done, but the child only defends him. When the Russians launch a rocket against USA, the robot understand the humans are in danger and goes towards the sky to intercept the coming rocket and destroys it. Only now the humans understand the alien robot wasn’t hostile and regret for being cruel, but the robot is gone.

The message of the anime (the being different, the inclusion with the others) recalls me the one featured in ET, Frankenstein.

This anime, which many people labelled as “silly and only good for kids”, is better to be watched by the adults too. A true gem for everyone in the family.

OUT OF SIGHT – USA 1998, with George Clooney

It is an about 20 years old movie, but… I had the chance to watch it the first time in mid-December… LOL!

It is another “jail movie”, but the story seems a little different that the previous ones, apart from the starring actor the sex symbol George Clooney, thanks to whom the movie was successful (girls, do not deny it!!)

There is much irony in the story, action is guaranteed as well, seen the type of the movie. I loved, in fact, the several hilarious gags between the prisoner and the sheriff.

There is action, but not violence or blood, obscenity of any kind, either.

My final rating is 4 (four) **** stars: good, movie, but nothing epic!

CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER – USA 1994,  with Harrison Ford

It is a classic in the movie industry, as it was shot years ago, but I could finally watch it in January 2018 …

A drug story with Mexico and narcos involved in, because the US President puts pressure on CIA to stop the inflow of drugs in the country. A current topic these days.

Harrison Ford plays the part of a CIA spy, who works in tight connection with the White House… in change of favours.

There is suspense and action, but you have to follow all details in the story, otherwise you risk to miss the logics, the thread.

Actor Ford is not new to stories connected to the US President: years later he was also the US President (“Air Force One”)

Awesome movie, Harrison Ford rocks!

END OF A GUN  – USA 2016 with Steven Seagal and Florin Pieric jr.

It is an action, spy movie premiered in my country in mid-January. Mister steven Seagal is one of my fave actors, but given his role as “the bad, rough one” I’m always careful in choosing the movies of his I’d like to watch.

In fact, I picked up this “police movie” because there was action, suspense, but also hard scenes. Luckily, there is  happy ending where he’s the hero who saves all.

Obscene language is spoken, you see enough frequently blood, but this movie rocks! It didn’t leave me much upset. All thanks to the original story.

On one last note: you can hardly recognize the actor, as he got fat, he wears sunglasses all the time: I’m not sure he grew like he looked because of his rough role.

NUOVO CINEMA PARADISO – ITALY 1988 with Philippe Noiret and Salcatore Cascio

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of this Oscar winning movie, the Italian State Television RAI decided to air it again… and I had the chance to watch it first!

The story: in a small town of Sicily of the ‘90’s, there is a poor family whose parents had to raise two kids thru difficulties, both at school and at home. The oldest kid, Totò has a passion for film, movies projections and cinema, since the day he incidentally finds films off of his father’s bedside table, at home. His passion grows and he gets friends of Alfred, who is the man who manages the public projections of all movies in the only small hall of the town. One day, a fire destroys that hall, but Totò, now grown teenager,, but he is able to rescue all of the films and movies. He decides to open another nearby room and to name it “New Cinema Paradise”.

My highlights: the perspective of the facts are all seen with the child’s eyes; few violence scenes, but no vulgarities, though; when Totò in the early scenes is seen as a child going to school, you can see teachers making their pupils observe strict rules.

*** 3 stars is my final rating – although the well-deserved Oscar, to me the movies wasn’t excellent.

THE WATER DIVINER –  AUSTRALIA, USA, TURKEY 2014 with Russell Crowe and Olga Kinylenko

An Australian family, both of them farmers, living in the countryside, have both of their young boys sent to fight in Turkey, Gallipoli aside the UK Armed Forces against the Turkish. In 1919, five years after their departure and not seeing them back, no news as well, his wife dies by committing a suicide. So, the father, Russell Crowe as the final promise he made to his wife not long before her death, travels for days to reach Turkey and the place where the Gallipoli battle was held and in that area he tries to find out what happened to his children.

It was a truly poignant movie, on the values of family and unity. Russell Crowe is awesome, perfect in his role.

Underrated history movie: I’d recommend it also to students.


Next update in July 2018


DD TV xx


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