DD TV Glam Pop Party – February 2018

Oh.. big news: February 2018 is coming to an end! It was a short and quiet month and we hope it was a decent one to you.

We come back to the original way of arguing; one topic versus some of the others that we usually speak of.

This time the topic is “Radio”

Enjoy the new list!

Radio vs. clothes/style

Maybe TV and video clips had the power to influence the clothing styles, but radio did spread the word, as well! Radio came to support the message. Today radio stations are even more connected media than the media was before.

Radio vs. the question

We often get, and got in the past, the answers to our questions about the music released and other snippets on the radio. The press focused more on sharing pics and gossip.

Radio vs. Live shows

We love that radio stations are keen to air some important live shows and music events: this way they give the possibility to “take part” to those concerts. Although we fans need the physical nearness to the stage, hearing the show on the radio rather heals our absence.

Radio vs. Legacy

Radio is the media that, with TV, made history, from news, to songs, to music events, to live sessions (on all: the airing of concerts and of the Hit Parades): facts that every generation of fans keeps in their mind and in their hearts as long time memories!

Radio vs. The charts

We mostly became music fans at the first hearing our favourite artists’ names on the radio and that occasion was the Hit Parade! Radio was the tool of our moon landing, before “Tops of the Pops” and (twinned/similar TV programs out of the UK): it was easier thru the radio to keep in mind those artists’ names; the “visual” aspect provided by the early TV music stations was a distraction.

Radio vs. Music Awards

One of our favourite big music events aired on the radio is just the Music Awards. This might read biased … LOL! The most important factor is the news on who won what; our main regret is the missed opportunity to not see the facial expression of the artist/s when go/goes to the podium to accept it! We love hearing the radio broadcast later, because the Music Awards shows go on TV late at night, due to the time zones: we actually just cannot make it! Thanks to the radio, DJs’ opinions on “who won what” is the debate around the Awards of the year and that’s the funniest consequence.

Radio vs. video clips

Video clips and radio: our favourite ground of argument … ! What media helped to reach people the most? We read on most of the long-time artists’ biographies about their doubts of shooting clips to accompany their songs. The few pioneers of the video clip industry of the early 80’s, of MTV, (Queen, Duran Duran…) still recall the details of the event that was just like a “revolution” in the music industry. It is funny to read that their feelings and thoughts was a mix of thrill and  apprehension, because nobody of them could bet on the impact on people and on the record sales the newly-born video clip industry.

Radio vs. Dj music

How awesome is to listen to DJ sets on the radio, especially during the weekend!!! Recently, we discovered the rock DJ sets, as well: it means energy and vibes! The rock DJ sets were done in the past years, but the so-called “EDM, electronic dance music” prevailed, due to a higher demand from the listeners. By the way, they are the men behind it all: if we have fun with the songs played on the DJ sets, it is only thanks to their taste, talent and intuition.

Radio vs. News

We used to get the info on the recording activity of our favourite artists thru the radio, as opposite today we get the snippets by the official websites. Radio is a bit of a secondary source, but the people who manage the artists’ social media, whenever share news they play the same role that the radio covers.


DD TV xx


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