DD TV The F*ck it list – March 2018

You will find listed below in no particular order and with  a short, more or less hilarious comment, the things I think I just don’t love.

I don’t like the 2016 version of Microsoft Outlook: I have trouble tagging the messages on our shared inbox mail address;

I still can’t stand hypocrisy within people, both in music and in politics.

I was so glad of finally being in 2018: so sick of that number “17” written and spelled everyday.. LOL!

I don’t like catching flu during the Year-end holidays …

I am not crazy for the bureaucracy of my country.

I am reluctantly a “night owl”, just prefer being a morning person.

I don’t like the reasons why people underrate my fave musicians. Lol!

I am not crazy any longer for the snow. Snow is beautiful to see only on mountain, in town it causes disruption.


DD TV  xx


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