DD TV – Years ago vs. now into the future

I learnt one snippet and I realized one fact in these past weeks and they are related to hi-fi tech and I think these above both might be going to change my habits as a music fan: the news that CDs won’t be produced any longer from 2022 on and the flop of the Blue Ray discs.

I can remember I read somewhere the very first CD was put our back in 1987; I never tried CD immediately, as in my country it arrived a couple of years later and only in the Fall 1990 I could see few CDs displayed on the shelves of my local record stores. I carried on listening to music via music cassettes up to late ‘90’s: my first copies of LPs on CD formats were The Police “Synchronicity”, Duran Duran self-titled LP of 1993 and Vivaldi The Four Seasons. I am still purchasing CDs today, I love “touching” my music, although the use of digital download is spreading fast in my house. My stock of music, right now, is made of 30% of CDs and 70% of digital music. The news that CDs won’t be produced from 2022 got me a little sad, it is worse to me than when cassettes “disappeared” from the stores, because now I am older and wiser and I grew “conservative”. I think I’ll work on a plan B for the end of the CDs …  LOL!

I don’t remember exactly when I first heard of blue Ray discs, but I had to be at least 10 years ago: the promotion campaign focused – and of course – on the image quality of the discs. Only it didn’t mention you needed to get a specific device to view the disc and I think it was this that discouraged people to buy the BR Discs. On one hand, I regret of this flop, because it is a failure of technology, a step back to the past and one less step towards the future, on the other hand this failure might become a lesson to learn for the future: we have to put out tools to make our life easier with the device we already have. Personally I am not very keen to buy NEW improved computers to have fun, I don’t think I have used new software for breakthroughs, whose value is “temporary” Also, I hope they would see positively the longer success of DVDs for “home cinema”.

The effects are: the return of the vinyl (by the way it is as much cheap as the CD) on the market and the choice of consumers and fans to go to the cinema or to keep using the DVD to watch movies.

The news of the CDs is already pushing people to demand vinyl records. I think it is a good thing, as vinyl represents the top of audio quality and the best listening is guaranty with it. The widespread use of smartphones and computers is the main trouble to get the vinyl records, because it takes to buy the vinyl player, whereas a CD does not need new device.

I am not sure people will rush to get music downloads only, because we need, at a certain point, to “touch” our music: therefore, I will keep vinyl records safe, on our side.

I can remember when it was the end of the music cassettes thru the ‘90’s; I can remember the days, still in the late ‘90’s, when computers gradually replaced the typewriters: all those “little revolutions” that did change some of my habits and I had to fit in to the new situation, making my plans B. I think I will have to do the same thing right now. Rock on fans!


DD TV xx


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