DD TV The Screamer – March 2018


Do you think falsetto is essential on rock/metal songs?

We are long time rock music fans and we often have rock songs getting played on our stereo or on the radio. We love listening to rock music off live shows, as well. One thing we mostly noticed is that the vocalists do portions in falsetto and we wonder: is it necessary to make that rock song “typical”? What is there behind the choice to do falsetto?

Falsetto needs a particular physical ability to reach out those notes and that vocal extension and it needs their “room” on the song to realize them: the right notes, the right groove, the right vibes. During the writing sessions all of the above is to be kept in consideration, because the notes, the vibes and the grove are beyond a guitar riff or a guitar melody. Then, any rock song must be imagined as one to have the power of being a possible “live” tune, so vocalist has mentally to “try” thinking how that falsetto could sound live.

Every rock song has to show and has to share passion and the vocal effort when doing falsetto. The falsetto portions add passion to the tune, whatever the lyrics of the songs are about; the falsetto moments are a fan favourite especially on the show concerts.

All performances in falsetto on rock songs are typical, but performances featuring falsetto portions can be heard also on the disco-hits – mostly in the 70’s..

Falsetto is the rockers’ and vocalists’ own choices: it is nothing personally requested by the fans and it is an addition in rock music.

The parts of the songs performed in the falsetto mode are fire, they are fuel: fans just rate these portions as a real source of energy.


We are still waiting for announcement and updates on the second year of this new TV Talent show for vocalists.


It seems that the Italian version of “The Voice” is scheduled to hit again the screen from 22nd March 2018 and within the coaches/judges rumours have it there is going to be Al Bano Carrisi, one of the major Italian singers.

All confirmed in late January 2018: the other coaches are J-Ax (the rapper took part in the two past editions), Cristina Scabbia the front woman of Lacuna Coil, the Italian metal band popular everywhere even in the US, mister Albano (see above) and Francesco Renga, a lovely and talented songster.

We watched the debut of the Talent and the applicants didn’t sound that bad: we support for the “rock category” (Cristina Scabbia); outside of her team we support a rock-metal vocalist who chose to join the J-Ax team. Overall, we are amazed at how well prepared the vocalists today are: they are supposed to know the game and they seem to not be shy.

X FACTOR 2018 – 2019

The team of judges for the 2018 edition was announced. After rumours and much speculation, the new “entries” are: Neffa (a quiet and clever Italian songster) and Tommaso Paradiso (one of the best lyricists and producers of our area). The two remaining coaches/judges, Mara Maionchi and Levante are confirmed.


DD TV xx


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