DD TV – Why was it the final encore?

Howard Jones – Some history.

He’s one of the major artists of the British New Wave of the them id 80’s and although he was sometimes rated as a “commercial” he was rather a pioneer on piano/synth melodies. He had various no. 1 hits in Europe, Japan and in the states, he took part to the 1985 Live Aid, the Sir Bob Geldof’s big charity event, performing a song at the Wembley Stadium and went on releasing good records, worldwide thru the years up to the New Millennium. He also toured with other major acts of the ‘80’s and used the internet to release new music, still being acclaimed at the shows. still receiving appreciation from the audiences in every venue.

My memories.

It was the radio, not the clips, to make me discover the music of this artist; I purchased his album “Dream in to action”, which, to his day, still remains my favorite . He has been an amazing one-man show, with his keyboards and synths around (wow… Kraftwerk needs 4 for theirs!!  … LOL!!). I can remember the birthday parties of my classmates had always one of his tracks in the playlist. I was impressed by the collaborations with other musicians when had to record his music. I can remember he wrote his lyrics on his own, so he is also a good songwriter. Then his popularity went a little….. Ha!

My thoughts.

Howard didn’t stop making music and I am glad for this. He bravely carries on. The opportunity to make and release new music on the internet probably let him drop out of the public eye, but he is still acclaimed and loved, which he deserves. Declining to glam and global fame and glitters is a choice, but today record companies no longer support the artists as they could do in the ‘80’s; hedonism definitely ended, nostalgia continues. But strategies have changed, like it or not.

DD TV xx


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