DD TV The F*ck-it List – April 2018

You will find listed below in no particular order and with  a short, more or less hilarious comment, the things I think I just don’t love.

I dislike hurrying to arrive sharp at a whatever date.

Headlines are never nice, but they are like a lighthouse in the sea for me: they help me orienting in my own schedule;

I feel sorry when a friend or worse a member of my family lost the job and is left unemployed, on the road.

I get wrong whenever I have to fix two things at the same: it’s not possible to finish two things at the same moment. I learnt that one necessarily must end after the other, but when I’m in a hurry I do not like to admit it.

I get a bit bored during the rainy days, especially in the first part of April

I do not love very much politics and arguing on politics, maybe because I do not follow it much: I just prefer arguing on my fave music.

I (still) can’t stand the lazy people and the ones who complain and mumble all the time ,….

The area of the country where I live is the one which guarantees most of the civil rights to our community, but, also, protects the unfair.

I fear the dark clouds hanging over my head, in any sense …


DD TV  xx


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