DD TV Fans’ power on the web: surveys and polls

I often see on my social media fellow fans and peeps uploading polls, questions, which mostly cover interesting topics; they read thought-provoking and it is often my pleasure to pick up my favorite voting options.

Beyond that, what is behind this asking: their mere curiosity? Is it just to post whatever when don’t know what to post on the timeline? Are they naturally lead to think of those questions?

Wow… I can only think the polls I take part to are posted by fellow peeps and fellow fans, with whom I share my tastes in music and arts: they simply take some of their time to share a thought in their mind under the form of a poll, because, maybe they would like to see how the rest of their contacts think of. The questions of these polls read in a direct language, the topics chosen are naïve: I think there is just no “power to be” behind these polls.

I more rarely take part to multiple-choice polls, because usually they look designed by radio stations, or on-line magazines: they are often posted out of the social media and look leaked to outside websites. These “more serious” polls, being less spread on the social media, are less known to the masses, so it takes longer to be aware of the final results. There is often no way to argue the reasons of your choice there, as opposite to the “more popular” ones on Facebook, etc. …

The sum of all people’s answers on these polls might end up in surveys, on which you can read about some time later on the social media or on appropriate outside websites leaked to the social media: it is the way to know how your little contribution could or less have had an influence on the final result. This makes me proud, when I read these survey results, especially when they concern music.

Arguing your opinion, having the opportunity to speak, to have a voice in a Community is amazing: this is the fans’ power on the net to be together and swapping our  views on whatever. I am here to encourage my peeps to keep their polls coming!



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