DD TV Glam Pop Awards party – April 2018

The new thing is that the current month is coming to its end: goodbye March 2018.

The newest thing is that March 2018 brought us some inspiration and it helped us to replace the old content of the end-of-the-month lists.

You are going to still read lists, but the items matched are taken from Music Awards (so something more appropriate to our aim, as we have are related to a Music Award!)

You will find some of the old topics we used before matched, according to our taste, with the winners’ names off one of the Music Awards won by one of our favorite band. The matches are shortly argued, explained and justified.

The Music Awards are recent: the names of winners aren’t from before than 2000.

The winners are from the main categories (if not similar to the following ones): Best Album, Best record, Best Female and Best Male Artist, Best Video clip, Best Breakthrough act and Best Live act/concert

Here we go: Brit Awards 2000

Lyrics: BEST MALE ARTIST – Sir Tom Jones

He wrote so many lovely songs that more than one generation of fans still sing along.

Video clips BEST VIDEO CLIP – Robbie Williams – She’s the one

Robbie Williams deservedly got the Award because the “story” in the clip is amazing. He learnt the lesson of the ‘80’s well: there the story was the main attractive, then the rest, like special effect, outfit, imagery, choreography

Make up/style  BEST FEMALE ARTIST – Beth Orton; BEST LIVE ACT/CONCERT – Steps

Beth Orton has had style and her unique music style: folk and pop music. The Steps did have a “perfect” outfit and make up for their imagery on the stage

Listening pleasure BEST ALBUM – Travis – The Man who

The album was amazing. A treat, a pleasure in our ears whenever

Legacy/currency BEST BREAKTHROUGH ACT – S Club 7

They are a pop band a bit like Spice girls, seen that behind there is guru Simon Cowell. The band did more albums but in the rest of Europe they are a bit underrated. Too many teen – sensations formed by a “guru controller”… that is absurd to see”

Fantasy line up:  Sir Tom Jones, Robbie Williams and the Travis

We leave out our fantasy and seen our history is plenty of “one-hit super-groups” for one occasional song, we would like to see in the studio Sir Tom Jones, Robbie Williams and the Scottish band Travis


DD TV xx


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