DD TV Glam rock party – May 2018


German Rock, US rock, …? It is always rock and roll, we think.

The legendary hard-rock English band Led Zeppelin are a huge influence on today musicians: although they stopped releasing records (their drummer has gone years ago and their bass player is retired), the new rockers still take inspiration from their music. And off the ‘80’s, you had Queen, who claimed they sounded like Led Zeppelin and Beatles.

We watched an amazing video footage on the Italian TV channel Rai 5, in late September 2017, about the electric guitars, titled “Turn it up!” Lots of famous guitar heroes were involved and few of them even interviewed. Actually we finally learnt that major rock trademarks are divided on the market like the following: Fender – Telecaster was the commercial opposite to Gibson Les Paul.  The same Italian TV station, few days later, aired another special footage called “It might get loud” and shot in 2008, hosting Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge of U2 and in which the three guys spoke of their approach to guitars: we were hooked to the TV set!

11th January 2018: the first loss in the New Year. Eddie Clarke, the original guitarist of Motorhead passes away after pneumonia and he was only 67. He was the last surviving member of the classic line-up of the British heavy metal band Motorhead. The iconic metal band is now legacy.

15th January 2018: we are sad to learn the passing of Dolores O’ Riordan of the Irish band The Cranberries. She was ill, but she was only 46 years old. She was a gentle soul, a very sensitive, unfortunate being, a beautiful but delicate flower. Rock in peace.

On 24th January 2018 Sir Elton john, after 50 years on the road and after selling millions of records, announces he is retiring at the end of a Farewell tour, which will end in 2020. He is not a rock star, but he worked with many rock stars. How awesome is legacy is … Goodbye Sir Elton and thanks for all!

Those nice “hard-pop” albums: one of the latest Prince’s spin-off projects, certain American bands in the ‘80’s released albums where the guitars sounded loud, the riffs were equally and generously spread in all of the album. These albums hosted a really interesting, intriguing guitar and, how funny, they were not rated “rock albums” and, they are often underrated.

14th March: the famous and awesome scientist Stephen Hawking passed away and since most of the rockers shared their memory and condolences, as their fans we are going to to do it as well: rock and think in peace.



We have never been fans of this particular band, for age reasons and heavy metal isn’t exactly our passion, but the name “Dio” we heard it over and over, since we were teens. Ronnie James Dio was the vocalist who replaced Ozzy Osbourne when he left Black Sabbath. When Ozzy rejoined the his original band, James and another member of Black Sabbath formed the James Dio band.  So a listen to whatever album of Dio became a must. And we picked up the most successful album in the 2000s.

This LP doesn’t really sound heavy metal, but it is the best of “screamed rock and roll”: loud guitars, loud voice, noise…. One song, “Rock and roll”, recalls Kashmir of Led Zeppelin, but the choir sounds Queen – style.

The lyrics are about interpersonal relationship, but not much about love. He sounds angry, frustrated and not dire or sad.

Our favourite songs are Push, Guilty, Killing the dragon, Rock and roll.

James Dio passed away in 2008: rock in peace!


This album actually is the 2018 reissue featuring Trevor Horn on vocals of the band’s classic on the occasion of their 50th year of being on the road.

The original album titled “Fly from Here” was released in 2011 with Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes as producers, who replaced Rick Wakeman. Back then the band toured in support of the album up to 2012. The lead vocalist of the tour was Benoit David, a Canadian singer of the Yes Tribute band Close to the Edge and was invited to join by the late Chris Squire.

On the 2018 new version of the album the band suggested to Trevor Horn to add his vocals and he agreed to.   The reissue also features a new version of “Hour of need” and a previously unreleased track titled “Don’t say no for an answer”.

It sounds Pink-Floyd: the guitars recall David Gilmour. “Psycho-pop” effects, probably given by the re-entry of Trevor Horn, and prog-rock music. Amazing re-issue.

DD TV xx


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