DD TV Fans’ power on the Net and the new privacy rules

We recently saw the Cambridge Analytica affair and we saw the  subsequent storm involving the CEO of the biggest social platform, Facebook. I knew the moment for these “Internet social giants” to tremble, to shake sooner or later would have arrive: I’ve always seen this business as uniquely a place for rights and not of rules.

I was shocked to hear of the sale of my personal data to third people for political aims. Few of my friends did deactivate their social accounts, but the ones who remained on the social now post less frequently than they did before the facts happened.

The obvious consequence, apart from the Facebook defence on one side and the global dismay from the USA and EU institutions, was a radical string of changes of the FB rules regarding the users’ privacy and the sharing. I agreed with the changes of the rules on my privacy and I want to trust on them. I would like to do as well with the sharing of my posts: if the rules of sharing move in accordance with the rules regarding the new ones aimed to protect my privacy, then I’d feel safe.

As for the relationship within me and the music FB Groups and Pages, will those new rules improve or not the liaison? And how? I guess we’ll all find the answers but not immediately: we are now all aware now on how our data are protected, so me and the other music fellow fans, having new tools to insecure our privacy, shouldn’t live bad moments when on-line. I trust we can, by now, theoretically have a safer level of  conversation. The global sense of “community” on the social platform should feel stronger.

Will I leave or keep being there ? When the Facebook facts came out first, I have to admit I wanted to throw it all away: my life is just out of the Internet, I can live my passion on music out of it. The social platforms are not an obligation for me. Having said that, in the beginning I was meaning to go away. I saw the news on the privacy rules and settings and I decided to remain.

I’m not a pundit of social network, I’m a simple fellow user, so I have no idea of what type of suggestions I could share; in the beginning, I had a rumour the Facebook CEO was going to make the login something priced: I thought the problem is not the “log in”, but it is the “while you are in”.

Time might hopefully be the healer, in the case: in the past, I’ve seen for any items that went “global” (let’s take the CDs, now they’ll be out of production in a couple of years), after touching their zenith, for generally outrageous, but futile reasons, these globally successful items they dropped out of the public eye. The social platforms as well, will maybe live their “golden period” and later might end up in the dark.




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