DD TV Eye on Fashion – June 2018

Milan Fashion Week  Menswear 15th – 18th  June 2018

We are happy our music heroes are recruting teens within our fan base, which is made also of older people, to advertise their t-shirts and items of clothings off their catalogue of their own merchandise.

There are often awesome and interesting exhibits on fashion, designers and clothes at the Palazzo Reale Museum of our town: we highly recommend you to come and pay a visit. Chech out our news below, to see subjects and dates.

“Punk Masters” by American designer Patty Palazzo: Patty is an awesome woman-designer, very much on demand. She can create some cool drum logos (played by some awesome drummers): she’s been doing designs for new tees; she designed artworks for records and books.  The gracious and talented Patty is hosted in this space as “special guest” in the behind the scenes of the Milan Fashion Weeks.


20th February 2018: designer Judy Blame passes away. He was a fashion designer especially in the ‘80’s: he did lots of stuff for many of our music icons. He designed the clothes also of those 80’s musicians off their video clips. Design in peace.

8th March: the exhibit “Italiana: l’Italia vista dalla moda 1971 – 2001”at the Palazzo Reale Museum, opened until 6th May 2018. We visited it: it is about the evolution of the Italian fashion style from the ‘70’s up to 2000s. From the photographers and paparazzi, who shot celebs and their clothing and spread their photos on magazines, to the birth of the logos (Versace, Armani), to the more relevant role of the designers on the designing in the 80’s up to the current globalization, which meant actually a real “swap” of ideas, of design concepts and styles and the importance of the tasks given to art directors inside the various Maison off the 2000s. We saw few models designed by the major ones, like Prada, Versace, Armani, Ferretti, and Missoni. We were able to watch few clips shot from the catwalks off the dedicated decades and documentaries shot inside the main headquarters of the major designers.

12th March 2018: French designer Hubert de Givenchy passes away: he designed the clothing items of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. A sad loss in the fashion industry; there are clothing lines, haute couture and perfumes, eau de toilette awesome legacy. It was a solid brand, all support for their future!

12th March – Paul Berrow, the‘80s co-Manager with his brother Michael of pop super group Duran Duran, is now working into the fashion industry, in particular in cosmetics and has contributed to realize a product for skin care. Funny that also the keyboards player of the above band, not long ago, has announced his collaboration with another cosmetics company to try producing a skin cream. All support!

3rd May 2018: We found out Louis Vuitton company is traded in the Milan / Italy – “Piazza Affari” Stock Exchange and it is an enough safe brand for investing on shares and debentures

6th May: The legendary American disco-music Nile Rodgers of Chic, is going to work in the studio with French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. He is going to make music of Jean-Paul new theatrical work. Good work!

20th May: The Italian fashion major designers were invited to take part to a Horse and horses’ trainers Festival, named “the 135th Derby” in Rome. On the catwalk, both top models and horses. Wow.. aside Fashion and rock music, now fashion and animals! Geeeez… !

6th June: We found out the Fashion industry has a related “award”. It is called “CFDA Awards”: the acronym stands for “Council of Fashion Designers of America” and the Awards are given away since 1962, to the best personalities in the fashion field, during the past 12 months. Ha … !

11th June: we found out Versace has booked for the second time around the area of Sempione square, “Arco della Pace” Milan, for his fashion show in mid-September: after Roberto Cavalli, now it’s Versace’s turn and that environment, we can assure you, looks amazing.


DD TV xx


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