DD TV The Reader – June 2018

I’VE READ “Intramontabile Elisabetta” (“The invincible Elisabeth”) by Antonio Caprarica

The long-time awesome Italian journalist and correspondent from Buckingham Palace for the RAI TV Italian Television, Antonio Caprarica, has written and published a book on Queen Elisabeth Windsor, Queen of England: as a lover of history novels, I totally trusted on this journalist, because he is the one journalist who spent a really long-time close to Buckingham Palace, and maybe he got the best informed one on the British Royal Family. In fact this reading resulted to be a “history book written with the hilarious language of gossip”.

It is  a writing on all main facts and the behind-the scenes of Her Majesty’s life, from her childhood up to 2011, so there is much information on the Windsor dynasty, on the Commonwealth, on Queen Elisabeth’s parents and sister, on Lady Diana I never read before. The language is the “light” one typical of a journalist, he never speaks hard as if the enquirer, or as a sort of “spy”: no vulgarity or obscenities throughout the pages of the book.

The behind-the-scenes are written accurately and these “details”, to some extent, opened my eyes on the Royals: I went to some kind of disillusionment.

Lady Diana’s “presence” is everywhere, especially in the second part of the writing: the author is on Her side and describes the mistakes the Queen made with her, in his view.

Awesome, funny book.

I’VE READ “World in my eyes – Richard Blade

This is the book about the venture life of one of the most talented guys on the radio and in music.

Richard Blade, a young boy from Torquay, near Birmingham, UK , born “Sheppard” (“Blade” is a kind of tribute to “Blade Runner” one of the most iconic sci-fi movies of the 1980s), managed to “bring” the New Wave music in America, California, on K-Roq Radio station, thanks to his intuition. He conquered his numerous radio listeners and acquainting friends within important musicians and the rock stars thanks to his openness, modesty and wit.

Aside his personal facts of his private life – I cried for his dad’s passing, in particular,  and I got angry for the wicked story on mister Steve Poole – I learnt anecdotes on the music career of few musicians (in particular Spandau Ballet, George Michael and Michael Hutchence).

I think he was a really lucky man: he often found the chance at the right time to use his innate talent in music. His life is a roller coaster..


Mein kampf – Adolf Hitler

I am reading it in a period there is high contrast between left-wing and right-wing people, in my country. I thought it was good for me to understand better the concept of “populist” and the Hitler’s book was one of the best tools to. I think we today misuse and misunderstood the meaning of the term “populist” .

The “Mein kampf” actually is the program of the Nazis political force founded by Adolf Hitler in the early 1920s, just after the WW1 and here to follow are some of the few things he aimed to do with it or his recommendations to the people: the German people should never complain and should always shut up; people should be “warrior and not be pacifists; German women should give birth only to healthy babies and to refuse kids with disabilities; ministers should be appointed by the people, not by the Church; military service should be obligatory, meritocracy, put more value on everyone’s talent.


One of my next books would surely be: Henry Rider Haggard – King’s Solomon’s mines. They shot a venture movie years ago featuring Richard Chamberlain based on this novel.


Next update: in September 2018


DD TV xx


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