DD TV The Viewer – July 2018

July 2018

Aside the only official Oscar’s ceremony held in LA every year, this is the place where we post our feedback on some of the amazing movies we have watched in these past few months.

We use the following “rough” method for the rating.

*** (3 stars) good movie, but not excellent

**** (4 stars) great

***** (5 stars) don’t miss it, highly recommended

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD – Australia, 2015 with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron

I watched the first movie of the saga when I was a teenager, back in 1985, because of the soundtrack (the awesome Tina Turner). That movie became a little legend to me and to my generation because Duran Duran’s The Wild Boys clip was said to have taken inspiration from that movie.

In fact, some 30 years later, I had the chance in mid-February, on TV to watch this follow up. Characters and story might have slightly changed, but the theme, the mood, the characters’ costumes all still remind me of that 1985 legendary cinematic Duran Duran’s clip.

No more Mel Gibson in, no more a great soundtrack – in the 1980’s cinema, fashion and arts in general, were more connected than today are – but I could find elements off The Wild Boys: examples are the chains/people captured hanging in many scenes, the aliens’ make up.

There is some violence and few filthy scenes, but I didn’t get much impressed. No obscenity in the language is spoken.

It was a dejà- vu, but how awesome that was! I might read biased, but I didn’t miss the ‘80’s …

Final rating: 4 stars, ****

JAMES BOND 007 SPECTRE – UK, USA 2015 with Daniel Craig and Cristoph Waltz, Monica Bellucci

The 2015 007 movie was premiered on TV in mid-February and since I love James Bond, it was a must-watch to me.

There is more violence and blood more sexy scenes, but never an obscenity in the language they all speak (at least!).Humour is on top, as in certain scenes you laugh hard.

The visionary director Sam Mendes loaded amazing special effects! Sam Mendes’s visionary as much as Peter Jackson, David Lynch are, with the due terms of comparison for their movie genres.

The story is enriched for the complicity of Moneypenny and Q, who both (reluctantly) try to give a help to James Bond out in his “personal plans of revenge” and to capture the head of the terrorist organization “Spectre”

The soundtrack is by Sam Smith, all piano and vocals, but I didn’t feel it right for the kind of movie James Bond is: it always takes an “exciting” groove-y song for James Bond …

THE RED PLANET  – USA, 2000 with Val Kilmer and Carrie-Anne Moss

This is another Mars-related sci-fi movie I often heard about, but never had the chance to watch on TV before. On mid-March I had the chance to.

Prior to say mister Val Kilmer is one of my favorite actors, the story is that a group of astronauts travel to the Red Planet, for a human mission of exploration and exploitation. They are supposed to all land in the area where the hub is, but while landing the planet radiations go and damage their space ship (which recalls me the one of Stainley Kubrick’s “A space odyssey”, although, on that legendary movie, it was directed to Jupiter). The Captain remains on the spaceship and She sends to Mars the other guys thru their safety shuttle. The guys kick off their mission, but an hostile robot and “cannibal” huge insects make their experience a terrible one and the Captain on their repaired spaceship, now on orbit around the planet, in the meanwhile she is still struggling to restore the communication device… It is a some two-hours exciting sci-fi movie!!

I found more fiction than science, of course, but such is all what Mars is inspiring from here …. !

Val Kilmer isn’t at this top here, he played better roles.

My final rating is: *** 3 stars, I agree with the rest of the critics.

INSIDE OUT – USA, 2015 by Pixar

Following the overwhelming commercial success of this 3D cartoon movie, my friends, some of them are parents, recommended me to watch it… and I gave up: I did when the movie was premiered in Italy on TV in late March.

Prior to say it is just a movie designed for children, it appeared to me as an “educational” movie: you see these four characters that represent our main feelings in our brain, who become the real stars of the story: with the adult’s eye, I in the end came to think my life is decided not by my brain but by my feelings!

My favorite part is the sequence of the beginning: that’s science spoken in the easy language for kids (and older…), with the bizarre funny images of a 3D cartoon character, “Joy”, which tells you how your brain elaborates its emotional hints. The rest, seen I am no longer a kid, it was a little boring.

My rating is  *** stars: good movie, but no masterpiece to me


Prior to say I am not a fan of the saga and never followed the previous chapters, I was curious to watch this big movie on a premiere in early May 2018.

I was struck by the special effects, computer graphics: it was all granted it was shot in the 2000s.

I noticed few silly things: the little robot who in the beginning is with the apparently only human has some kind of gags with him. He interacts with the young boy in his “beep-beep” language! I noticed, also, too humanity in the invaders/robots: one of the metal creatures gets wounded and his hand bleeds… Duh? LOL!

I saw again the legendary laser sword

The sound track is the famous “Song for Leila”: my mum who is a non – fan as much as I am, she knows it, whereas for me it is total unknown territory.

Amazing movie: lots of fun and action.

I’d recommend this movie to the fans.

PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPUS GODS: THE LIGHTNING THIEF (Canada/USa, 2010) with Pierce Brosnan and Logan Lerman

Fantasy movie, “B movie” I watched in early May.

My biggest surprise was the actor who played for a long time James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, dressed up, made-up and turned into a centaur: the creature half a human and half a deer (think of the Sagittarius symbol in astrology). He is the leader of a warrior tribe living in another dimension, who has to find a treasure in a forest, but little they know they are actually in the modern USA!

So, a young boy living in a village nearby their forest gets friends with this weird creatures and collaborates in their venture treasure hunt. Their mission is to bring the object in their dimension to offer to their Gods and to try bring peace in the own world.

Funny story, not so much original (think of the Narnia Chronicles saga): a low budget movie for some fun and some action.

Recommended for all the family.

FROZEN (USA, 2010) with Kevin Zagers, Shawn Ashmore and Emma Bell

This is the thriller movie – it seems taken from a real fact just happened around the time it was shot – premiered on the Italian TV in early July, which I had on my wishing list of DVDs. Below I’m sharing the story and I thank God I never spent money to take the DVD … brrrrrr !

The facts seem to have taken place in New England, although the shooting were made in Utah. The university students, the boys are very god friends and the girl is engaged to one of them, leave their campus to go snowboarding for a weekend on mountain. When already there, they spent the day having a good time, but they decided unanimously to go doing one last snowboard round-up: when it’s late evening and all dark, they persuade the “controller” of the local chair way to lift them to the top, promising they would be back very soon. Mistakenly, the controller, after a few minutes, sees three guys coming back, so he turns off the power and the chair way gets stopped… but instead our three guys remain blocked hanging on their chair. The three unfortunate adventurers realize they can be back, if alive, after 4 days. They first try to spend the early hours battling against the sleep and the freezing cold. In the early morning they decide to try getting safe. One by one climb down to the ground, but the two boys are mauled by a herd of wolves, whereas the girl bumps in  the herd of wolves, but the animals ignore her, because they’re still tearing to pieces the dead corpse of the second boy. Exhausted and no more able to walk, she manages to arrive at the valley, on the street the leads to the small town: when “a good Samaritan” finds her and brings to the hospital.

The worst scenes are just the ones involving the wolves: blood and piece of an eaten arm are there on the screen… blah!

There is suspense throughout the story, tears… and have to acknowledge that beng mauled by wolves, or by lions, either but much less frequently by dogs, isn’t exactly a nice death to bear!

**** 4 stars out of 5 – Awesome thriller, but not for my soul.

Next update in October 2018


DD TV xx


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