DD TV The Screamer – July 2018


We have a long time listening experience of studio albums featuring vocalists with a particularly powerful voice, the one we enough jokingly refer to as “the screamers”.

What we love the most, logically, is to hear their immense voice, thanks to which they can sing whatever as they are able to reach every high note. Less frequently, they are also vocally a virtuoso, i.e. they sing falsetto and/or modulate their voice to other music genres inside their songs.

What is their best music to sing on? We feel we cannot include the dance music, rap and hip-hop beats and we surely can think of most slow numbers, because on slower drum beats they can “unroll” their voice. The unplugged music can help putting a light on their vocal skills and we also think that fewer instruments played on you can hear the words better. The Arabian – style songs that are these days slowly surfacing the market are a brilliant opportunity for these lucky vocalists to be heard; rock music is the last chance, with a particular attention on again the slow numbers.

We are just listeners, fans and we are aware that the final choice is of the producers, who can try their best on the “screamers”. We think the powerful vocalists in question should never complain, because are aware of their luck to be able to sing on whatever


We are still waiting for announcement and updates on the second year of this new TV Talent show for vocalists.


It is the 2018 updated version of the Italian Talent show called “Music Farm”, launched successfully back in 2000: the vocalists/competitors, now and then, are former singers a bit “in the dark” who try to regain part of their popularity in this sort of school of vocalists” (where you can see what they do together, 24 hours on 24,  what they sing during their rehearsals, much like in the “Big Brother” trained and supported by other more popular vocalists.

Each and every of the applicants taking part to this Talent show did a short clip to introduce themselves: we were much impressed by the tales of solitude, isolation and depression coming after their success. How can this Talent Show be a “rehab” for them: musically or vocally, either both?

The artists accepted to take part, hoping to be healed and helped, so we think it’s bad to make it a competition. However, the winner is Lisa (one-hit wonder off 1997)


We share the highlights of the 2018 edition

1) debut of the Talent on late March 2018 and the applicants didn’t sound that bad: we support for the “rock category” (Cristina Scabbia); outside of her team we support a rock-metal vocalist who chose to join the J-Ax team. Overall, we are amazed at how well prepared the vocalists today are: they are supposed to know the game and they seem to not be shy.

2) the Blind Audition: judges unanimously  didn’t appreciate a songster who sounded to us stylistically very close to Sting: his touchy reaction after the four judges’ refusals was ridiculous. We are impressed by the very young applicants, as their age ranges from 16 to 20 years old.  They are performing covers of mostly British hits, rather than Italian or made in Italy hits; female vocalists seem to be better appreciated by the coaches than the male vocalists seem to be; we are hearing more “screamers” and fewer rock voices  à la Rod Stewart or à la Bryan Adams. The Italian songs aren’t the most picked up songs to cover and to perform on the stage; our favorite coach Cristina Scabbia, was not the first one to “complete” her Team; we were impressed by a rock set of Jessie J’s “Bang bang” of a young girl, who sounded also to have a “rock voice”.

3) The “knock out” round-up: We appreciated very much the vocal performances of the following guys, who we gave each a nickname. “the Screamer” who did a vocal set on “Ain’t nobody” of Chaka Khan; the drag-queen and the guys who did “Master of the wind”. The second round-up: Beatrice and Mara the best vocalists. Girls generally seem to be more “determined” than boys are.

4) The “Battle”: we supported the Drag Queen “Tekemaya”, Mara and Beatrice. Beatrice wins the “Battles” and the “sing off” round-up and goes to the “Live” final match. Wow, we supported for her and still we will!

The final “Live” match was amazing, but Beatrice didn’t win the Talent Show, she arrived top second. The winner is Maryam, from Team Albano: good luck and all support!

X FACTOR 2018 – 2019

The team of judges for the 2018 edition was announced. After rumours and much speculation, the new line-up is Fedez, Mara Maionchi and Manuel Agnelli, who are confirmed from the past editions, whereas the only new entry is the Italian actress Asia Argento, who accepted notwithstanding the recent loss of her fiancé, the American Chef Anthony Bourdain.


DD TV xx


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