DD TV – Why was it the last encore

Again I’m here to argue about an artist of the past I loved, an artist who peaked at no. 1 and seemed to always make the right choices, then … apparently, dropped out from the public eye. This one wants also to be a tribute to that artist, who, for the first time, is a solo artist: Miss Kim Wilde

Recent history. It seems she stopped her music career in the ‘90’s, opting for a theatre career and she got back at it in early 2000s: in 2003 she has a smash hit as a duet with singer Nena, “Anyplace, anywhere, anytime”. The song was big only in few countries over Europe. In 2007, she had out another single “Together we belong” that was also used for the 50th anniversary of the European Union foundation. She is also a gardening expert.

My memories She was one of my favorite female pop stars: I first heard her with the single “Keep me hanging on”, her cover of Supremes hit. She seemed to have the perfect song at any moment: radio –friendly, or disco-friendly… For me, she could rock it. Then since early Nineties, she chose differently and the music industry changed.

Thoughts on her “exit strategy”. A thing common to all of my favorite artists who dropped out of the scene in the late 80’s was to enjoy their life thru other ways than making music. I can understand that because with the globalization and the different  rule on the market of the labels, my favorite acts  mostly preferred to keep a low profile.no one so far seemed to opt for politics, which is funny!.. LOL!! No one of my idols seems to have taken part to any Reality show, too, but I fear they were invited.

Female musicians I see are the ones who struggle the most to keep their name, but not because of discrimination, but due to their choice of raising a family, rather than write songs for others, or performing live gigs in some obscure venues of faraway countries.

The audience changed their taste, as well: I’d love to hear only my Kim Wilde’s hits of the 80’s with no re-arrangements or otherwise: I’d be more demanding, but as growing older, artists change their taste and music direction for something more sophisticated and less commercial. While during the Eighties it was the label that told them what and how to sing, today it is the artist that has to reach out for new fans and it is hard, because it is totally new territory and it is a totally new generation. When it was easier for artists like Kim to be successful, it was also stressful; when it is harder to maintain success, it is quieter for them.



DD TV xx


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