DD TV Playlist – 14th January 2018

Duran Duran – Shadows on your side

Anna Ross – First day

Erin Stevenson – Automatic

Dom Brown – Talking blues

Andy Taylor – End of the world

The Power Station –  Living in fear

Robert Palmer – I didn’t mean to turn you on

John Taylor –  Feelings are good

Zoe Nash – Rather Die

Neurotic Outsiders – Feelings are good

Warren Cuccurullo – Whatever you say, Mac!

Arcadia – Goodbye is forever

Bloom Twins – Talk to me

The Devils – Come alive

Autohypnosis – Fractured beauty

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Fashion

Michael Des Barres – Nothing’s too hard

The Gravity Drive – Shooting star


DD TV xx


DD TV – Why was it the final encore?

I am using again this featurette to come back speaking of artists I once adored when I was a teenager..

The blog is divided in two parts: the history and my memories, with my own personal opinion

This is all about Paul Young, a short but sweet blog of memories and ideas on him..

Up to the mid-80’s he and his band Q-Tip released lots of good music, also covers and remakes. He added his soul style and his unique voice, with his famous falsetto. His peak was in 1984-1985 when he did his vocal contribution on the Band Aid’s song “Do the know it’s Christmas?”. Paul was one of the most acclaimed rock artists of that decade, one of the best vocalists of that time, one of the best performers. He released new music, as solo artist up to 1993, then a long hiatus up to 2014, releasing new music only in the UK. So suddenly he stopped making music from the early 90’s on.

I loved him, I loved his vocal interpretation, his voice was characteristic and unique. He had the clinical ear for making good melodies, although other artists wrote hits for him. Ok, I have to admit he was also cutie… I can remember he was invited to be the frontman of the half-Duran rock super-group, “The Power Station”, because initially John and Andy Taylor were working on a multi-singers project: I wonder if to this day Andy Taylor owns unreleased songs featuring Paul Young… !??

So, after mid-90’s … Paul seems to have stopped making music and seems to have dropped out of the public eye. I think it was due to personal reasons, maybe nothing to share with his health, just a very personal choice to stop recording music. I guess pressure and his own disillusionment worked together to this final decision. To my eyes, as a fan, who loved much of this artist, there was no reason to “stop” and when his hiatus started  it was a shock. He never took part to any Reality Show, during his break and that was good for his dignity.  I hope this break could keep him sane from the hell of the recording industry he left.

He left for us so many hits, some of which written also by other authors: his hits are today are classics.

Thank you Paul !!


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 7th January 2018

Duran Duran – Girls on film

Anna Ross – On December nights

Erin Stevenson – Juicy

Dom Brown – I get loaded

Andy Taylor – Mona Lisa

The Power Station –  Living in fear

Robert Palmer – Get outside

John Taylor –  Love is bondage

Zoe Nash – Rather Die

Neurotic Outsiders – Better way

Warren Cuccurullo – The trip

Arcadia –  Election day

Bloom Twins – Talk to me

The Devils – Hawks do not share

Autohypnosis – Meanwhile

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – You in the night

Michael Des Barres – Everything reminds me of you

The Gravity Drive – Shooting star

DD TV xx

DD TV Happy New Year … and the speculation is served

Happy New Year – 2018 and the speculation worldwide is served

This is the very first blog I post in the New Year. First off thanks for reading us and thanks to WordPress.com for hosting us!

Why do I speak of speculation? Actually it is related to 2018 and the anniversary a large part of the fan community where I am in does (want to) celebrate, because 1978 it is generally rated the year where the core of the project, the idea, the motivation to form our fave band took place. We were a bit shocked to  rather officially learn that the anniversary “will officially fall in 2020 but it will begin in 2019”  This statement is encountering some doubts and malcontent, because everybody grew up with the idea it all kicked off to be celebrated in 2018. All so weird… but this created lots of confusion and confusion creates speculation. The long-time persisting lack of communication within the band members and between the band and the fans has been creating speculation, as well.

One of the results of fans’ speculation are the “suspects”, the “ideas”, and the rumours; last, but not least, the fake news, all mixed in and up like pieces of fruit in a blender. Why do most of the fans defend their idea to kick off celebrating 1978 and why do others are backing the idea to celebrate 1980? My very own opinion comes from a hidden meaning behind 1980: their most controversial guitarist, whose comeback is longed for from a large part of the audience (so my approval goes the band), whereas 1978, as we have already witnessed not long ago, seems to be pushed by “business”: remember their 78 – 03 tour? I can’t forget all the goodies out on that occasion. 1978 or 1980?? Gosh, it sounds surreal, weird. Hope all of this confusion around the date wouldn’t make the band ridiculous.

“Party”: the key word, the only word in this “storm”, in this moment of speculation and confusion that seems to unify and placate the fans, as well. It seems only this word can put all together, because the plans ARE to go party, somehow. Everyone has very personal ways to “celebrate”. No fan seems to join others to celebrate a common cause. Weird!

“Certainty”: the “powers to be” thru the official Pages have to invent, daily, something exciting to keep the fandom alive and responding, up to the “official” anniversary date”, which is known only by them. New music released thru satellite music projects is scheduled to be out and few others have been already released: One thing for sure I’m enjoying them right now. This band I’ve been speaking of in this blog, (without naming it… LOL!) is (and never was it! … ) able to celebrate dates and Awards, but, seen this milestone anniversary that the whole fandom is much looking forward to, they might surprisingly grant something, a clue, whatever … one day.

Speculation or transparency? Speculation has run thru the Community at any time the line-up changed: never the Why behind any of their decision and they left us guessing. Two biographies were realized but they are two eye-openers in different directions. I don’t think my music heroes are obliged to say the truth, but I am starting to find this lack of communication today a little lack of respect towards us: do not forget that fans buy your music and they deserve some more “company” from you.

Happy New Year in music peeps!!

DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 31st December 2017

Duran Duran – Leave a light on

Anna Ross – On December nights

Dom Brown – Please, please

Andy Taylor – French guitar

Arcadia –  El diablo

The Power Station –  Go to zero

Warren Cuccurullo – Intermission possible

John Taylor –  Fields of Eden

The Devils – Signals in smoke

Neurotic Outsiders – Good news

Autohypnosis – Sleeper down

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – It’s alright

Michael Des Barres – I don’t need no doctor

The Gravity Drive – Shooting star

Sisters Sledge – I got to love somebody

Cesare Cremonini – Poetica

Maneskin – Chosen

Eminem fest. Ed Sheeran – River


DD TV xx

DD TV Glam Pop Party – December 2017

Guys this is a special edition of our lists, because we are going to wrap up the year. We are listing our fave moments in the year in music, by picking up most of the topics we are used to argue about:

Happy New Year!

Styles (singing, drumming …) the music we have loved this year didn0t change much, so our favourite music styles remained the same. We were lucky to find awesome new artists that could match our tastes.

The question to 2018 Would you please bring joy, peace and health and certain few music albums we’re awaiting for a long time?

The top albums We’re finally listening our fave albums we wrote in a long wishing list we drew down years ago. 2018 was the right time to kick off the search and listening to these awesome records.

The challenge The key word should be “revolution”: to stop certain things to happen or to let kick others off.

DD TV Music Awards New rules coming both in the DD Portion – Member of the year and in the General Portion as we are thinking to reformulate the Artist if the Year – Person of the Year – Fact of the Year category.

DJ music We discovered new DJs. They really are today “multi-tasking” people: they collaborate in co-writing lyric and music, in mixing and remixing, in adding their parts on both original songs and covers, they’re producers, and they’re record label founders.

News No more news of musicians and artists passing away please….. We’d love to hear those lovely “shocking” news we heard on the radio back in the 80’s.

Radio We are re-discovering the web radio stations. They’re a good alternative to the ones offered by the normal FM stations.

Covers and remakes This year we heard few new arrangements of oldies off our generations. It confirmed that also 2017 covers and remakes is again a business, a trend, a challenge

Producers Mark Ronson and Rick Rubin are our new fave producers. A big producer needs time to be rated “big” by his musicians and other time to consolidate his reputation to the fans, because fans don’t have to be forced to welcome any producer.

DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 24th December 2017

Duran Duran – Danceophobia

Anna Ross – On December nights

Dom Brown – Day Turned black

Andy Taylor – Lola

Arcadia –  Say the word

The Power Station –  Get it on

Warren Cuccurullo – Jam man jam

John Taylor –  2:03

The Devils – Memory palaces

Neurotic Outsiders – Angelina

Autohypnosis – Luxury

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – European cure

Michael Des Barres (Silverhead) – Cartoon princess

The Gravity Drive – Shooting star

Queen – Thank God it’s Christmas

Nesli – Maldito

Lilly Allen featuring  Giggs – Triggering bang

Sam Smith – One last thing


DD TV xx

DD TV – The night of the Music Awards

Another year, dozens of nominations, names, music heroes and the usual excitement to pay tribute to each of them, to celebrate our favourite music with our friends and the peeps out watching DD TV.

The date of it all was Saturday December 16th: again we wanted to pick up a mid-December day, because it was far enough from Christmas, so to have the chance for everyone in and out, to arrive relaxed to this “family moment”, away from “big events pressure”… LOL!

We kicked off the night with the classic curtains opening, the choreography behind showing (the waterfall, the water flowing effect through the steps of the escalade and after the DD TV voice that did the welcome to everyone to the DD TV Music Awards, a presenter on top of the escalade introduced Anna and Ross, a female vocalist/guitarist duo (a couple of friends of ours who live in the Milan hinterland, actually!), who loved “First Day” the debut single of Duran Duran’s backing vocalist. So in love with it, so impressed by her debut song that they immediately offered to arrange and to perform for the Awards night a semi-acoustic version of it. They were excited, both during the rehearsals and during the number on the stage. So were we.

After listening to their tribute, it was the moment to call in the first couple of presenters on the podium that appeared at the bottom of the escalade: the guys the General Portion Awards. Nothing is granted ever in this portion, because here the voters are variegated, the votes don’t come from any specific Fans community, which instead has had, later, a whole dedicated portion of Awards. We noticed in the “Best album award” category a funny coincidence:  the “rivals” off Pink Floyd, Dave Gilmour and Roger Waters, both running in the same category and one of them even won it! It was a huge surprise to see a rapper winning the Best Song Award, the first time it happens, but looking at the Italian charts at the top there are rappers’ records. The “Italian album Award” was a surprise: there were albums nominated since January, but a very recent entry was the winner!

The way to go towards the Duran Portion Awards was a “freaky idea” we had when in September, when the band announced the end of the “Paper Gods era”: how could we pay tribute again to an album we still love, but which is already two years old? We thought the best was to sing loud and along its songs, so we prepared a medley, based on a semi-instrumental part of the title track, in the end of the track itself (we found it enough groove-y for our purposes) and we extended its play, to enable us to sing over the refrains of the rest of the songs. The result? Exciting and funny! We just didn’t care we weren’t so much good as Simon is at singing, we just had fun “singing” !!!

Finally it was the time to announce the 2017 winners of the categories of the Duran Portion. By the way, it was so fine proceeding to take nominees and votes from June 1st, instead of February 1st, as we agreed earlier this year. We “monitored” the situation from February, as well and we didn’t have trouble “connecting” with the voters later in June. We are going on like this with the future; we noticed also that there is less stress and less pressure from both sides, that is you and us! As for the winners, probably Arcadia, Rio and Secret Oktober, maybe The wild boys too, were granted winning tunes off of their categories, but no one of us could bet one penny on the winning tour, the “All You Need is Now tour”. We would like to finish adding that in the Best Spin off – B Side Project Award”: to us the real winner is Anna Ross: there is much love around her.

There was not real intention of wrapping up by cheering along Band Aid’s “Do they know it’s Christmas?”, but we did it !!! So far, there was no final cheers to the fans watching out that did include our thanks to everyone involved, doing the traditional Happy Holidays wishes: so the music started and … “DD TV Aid” was served . We think our generation is the one that best captured the message and the feeling of that song; we think also that the loudest “voice” is the one of music and Band Aid is the best example.

Thanks to our sponsors: Samsung, Telecom Italia, HP and Epson.

Thanks for support, for voting and for tuning in on our blog and FB Page. Stay tuned for the next things we are preparing….

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 17th December 2017

Duran Duran – My Antarctica

Anna Ross – Early AM

Dom Brown – Bad Boy

Andy Taylor – Broken window

Arcadia – The flame

The Power Station –  Charanga

Warren Cuccurullo – We’re all targets

John Taylor –  Down again

The Devils – Aztec moon

Neurotic Outsiders – Always wrong

Autohypnosis – Peeling paint

*Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Big John

Michael Des Barres –  You’re my pain killer

The Gravity Drive – Shooting star

Elisa – L’anima vola

Gianna Nannini – Cinema

Bastille – World gone mad

Robbie Williams – Satellite


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 10th December 2017

Duran Duran – All you need is now

Anna Ross – Early AM

Dom Brown –  Bad Boy

Andy Taylor – Visible target

Arcadia – Say the word

The Power Station –  Communication

Warren Cuccurullo – The Unknown

John Taylor –  Air miles

The Devils – Hawks do not share

Neurotic Outsiders – Nasty ho

Autohypnosis – The blame

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Technofascist

Michael Des Barres –  Yesterday’s Casanova

The Gravity Drive – Shooting star

Queen – Thanks God it’s Christmas

Noemi – I miei rimedi

Bastille featuring Craig David – I know

Icona Pop – Don’t slam the door

DD TV xx