DD TV F*ck it list – May 2017


You will find listed below in no particular order and with  a short, more or less hilarious comment, the things I think I just don’t love.

  1. Don’t like the cold weather, although I’m aware it is better for me.
  2. Don’t like the storms, I’d rather the sunshine, possibly
  3. Can’t figure out why travel agencies don’t bother any longer to get your tourist Visa to foreign countries (ETA, ESTA, ecc…); I’d better ask Wendy!!!
  4. I’d like to always arrive on time, for my most important things, but I’m not a robot
  5. I hate the moments when I do not know what to do, don’t know what decisions I’d better take.
  6. I cry whenever I see good friends leaving and parting their ways after a long time.
  7. If I can I avoid being on my PC after dinner.
  8. I don’t like the moves, packing, …
  9. Why does it rain on the only day in the week when I have more spare time, to spend out?



DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 30th April 2017

Duran Duran  – What are the chances?

Andy Taylor – French guitar

Dom Brown –  I’m not better

Warren Cuccurullo – Indian Time Zones

Arcadia  – Goodbye is forever

The Power Station – Still in your heart

Neurotic Outsiders – Nasty Ho

The Devils – Hawks do not share

John Taylor –  This is the moment

Autohypnosis – Information is boring

The Gravity Drive – Wake up dawn

Michael Des Barres  (Silverhead) – Angelina

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Go to sleep

Simple minds – New gold dream 81-82-83-84

Lodovica Comello – Il cielo non mi basta

Lady Gaga – The cure

TLC feat . Snoop Dog – Way back






DD TV xx

DD TV Glam Pop Party – April 2017

We are saying goodbye to April, once the most rained months in our area, but now we’ve been suffering a drought wave.

And we’re glad to be busy making the new end-of-the-month list!

We have decided to change the method to make the lists: the subject that we pick up “goes versus” the other topics we are used to discuss on our blogs. It must be said that not all the rest of the topics are suitable to the subject we have chosen.

This time the topic is “Reality Shows”.

We tried as always to add humour, so feel free to have a laugh when you think it is due.



Reality shows vs. style

Style meant as “style language spoken”: we saw rows of any kind and a growing vulgarity, obscene language more frequently spoken. We’re amazed no one complained about it.


Reality shows vs. question

Is there another way, aside the business, to slightly change the method used in certain Talent shows to assign the songs to perform? That’s the actual, current controversy on this specific subject, in our country.


Reality shows vs. legacy

The legacy should be valid performers, awesome entertainers, possibly with their vision and with their own ego. We think the audience are sick to have gossip columns on the magazines filled up with the names & faces of these “new characters”


Reality Shows vs. the challenge

The only challenge ever was won by the first edition of the “Big Brother”, because it appealed on our curiosity. The challenge is just to keep people’s attention alive in the years.


Reality Shows vs the Charts

We did notice the presence of music stars out of Talent shows and heartfelt congrats to them all! It’s up to these new guys to remain credible to people in the future. It’s up to them to use the high ranks in the charts as an opportunity to improve and to grow mature, as a chance to learn.


Reality shows vs. satire

The rows we often see on TV between coaches and competitors, or within the judges, in certain Reality Shows are ridiculous. And these episodes – that can’t be avoided because are human (to us, to some of the others are all fake) are food for satire. We don’t regret for having few moments to have a laugh (not, of course, whenever these quarrels grow vulgar, of bad taste, not respectful of the other part, violent).


Reality shows vs. DD TV Music Awards

Only lately we had celebrities off the crew of Reality shows nominated in the “Artist of the Year” category off the General Portion of our won Awards: we weren’t surprised. We think it is due to controversy, or stir they caused during the Shows, but were fuelled by something else even when the Reality show was finished. Congrats for their nominee and thanks for keep voting!


Reality Shows vs. video clips

The clips of moments taken during the Reality shows are appreciated and critically acclaimed as well, on the social media. We would like to watch one day whatever Reality show lasting three minutes, as long as music clip!


Reality shows vs news

News is hopefully designed to describe the reality, but most of reality is treated like a show.



DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 23rd April 2017

Duran Duran  – Perfect day

Andy Taylor – Take it easy

Dom Brown –  Talking blues

Warren Cuccurullo – Nova Express

Arcadia  – The promise

The Power Station – Go to zero

Neurotic Outsiders – Six feet under

The Devils – The tinsel rituals

John Taylor – Air miles

Autohypnosis – To welcome death with noise

The Gravity Drive – Wake up dawn

Michael Des Barres  (Silverhead) – Only you

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Go to sleep

Alison Moyet – Love resurrection

Michele Zarrillo – Mani nelle mani

Mary J Blige feet. Kayne West – Love yourself

Gorillaz – Andromeda




DD TV xx

DD TV Glam Rock Party – April 2017



We have been banned to leave comments and to like on the posts of a dedicated rock music Facebook website, named “Ultimate Classic Rock”, because we are also supporters of a certain long time English iconic pop band. The “Ultimate Classic Rock” guys are free to admit to their page whoever they feel to, as much as we are free to love all our fave music, but we are starting to think also of the level of reputation gained by the pop stars in the eyes of the rock fans…: food for thoughts.

Guitarists are an open book, they have an immense culture on music, on names: we’re in a state of awe whenever they speak of music.

By the way of prog – rock, jazz rock music: we can say we are amazed of hearing such musicality on studio albums. We guess rock tends to be “exclusive”, whereas pop is more open to inclusions, influences and contaminations from other genres.

We noticed from the fans’ feedback we hear and we read on the various blogs that the rock covers of originally pop hits are usually able to give “new life” to those hits… and we agree with them!

We are long time rock music fans and this question came out one day: is it necessary tp scream and to make a “rock” voice (à la Bryan Adams, à la Rod Stewart) to sound recognizable?


It is a breakthrough act, formed in the States, Las Vegas, in the 2010s, but musically this multi-Grammy Awards winning album (well-deserved, in our opinion) features some “moments in rock”: it is Brit – rock of the 80’s, the heavily-influenced-by-synths one: it musically and stylistically recalls Queen of the 80’s, David Bowie in the 80’s… .


We say goodbye to Greg Lake off the prog-rock trio “Emerson, Lake and Palmer”, “Lucky man” is their most famous hit. The surviving band member Carl Palmer did a moving tribute to him. Rock in peace. 2016 is cruel to music fans.

On late December we lost the Status Quo guitarist, Richard Parfitt: we knew his guitar since we were little kids, as in 1978 we were crazy for their hit !Whatever you want”. Rock in peace, Rick!

On 19th March, the pioneer guitarist Chuck Berry passed away: he created the ground for rock and roll as we know it and he was famous also for the “Duck walk” when he played the guiatrs. Berry, who was 90 years old, he influenced ALL the guitarists. RIP and walk like a duck in peace, Chuck!

Why in the TV Talent shows rock songs are rarely chosen for the competitors to perform? What are the rules to repsect in the assignment process?





We knew the artwork on the cover of the record, that is “the face with the coloured thunder painted on”, which, in fact, is one of the most celebrated cover albums of all time.

Musically, the record continues where “Ziggy Stardust” left off, but this one sounds more rock. Mick Ronson is fab!

The album is less visionary, but lyrics seems to go around one character, i.e. Aladdin Sane.

This was milestone for glam rock: dirty guitar riffs and no melodic pop sound.

There is one cover, The Rolling Stones’ Let’s spend the night together: its groove sounds faster and the vocal arrangement takes another perspective.

We loved all the album, maybe we wouldn’t have include “Drive in Saturday” in the track listing.



A tremendous rock album, featuring rage in the lyrics, passion in every band member’s performance and wild guitars.

The Sabbath have now finished their Farewell tour, as they announced retirement from the recording industry and while we were enjoying the record, we knew of the passing away of their original keyboard player.

We, of course, know their famous frontman mister Ozzy Osbourne and we discovered the title track at Live Aid, 1985, when sir Geldof, the Live Aid organizer, managed to get the original Sabbath reunited for the occasion.

Guitars are impressive and mood on all the music of this album is dark, dire.

Lyrics are against the Vietnam war: a bit like, years later Megadeth did against the First Gulf War against USA President Bush, President Saddam Hussein, White House…

Our fave songs are: aside the hit singles Paranoid and War pigs, Iron man, Hand of doom.



An interesting rock album, of an English formation who in the late 70’s influenced other rock stars like Rod Stewart’s style, on all.

Their story recall a bit the Joy Division, or Queen , ‘coz their singer and frontman, Phil Lynott passed away, but the surviving members carried on making music and live shows, with different fate than Queen and Joy Division.

The band did hard rock things, but the album of 1978 captured the influence of punk, new wave. We heard elements of Ultravox and Sex Pistols.

Lyrics are about rebellion and rage, but “Oh Lord” and “Dancing in the moon light” touch tender subjects.

Or favourite tracks are: Soldier of fortune, Oh Lord, Dancing in the moonlight and Bad Reputation.



It was the first time we did a review of an indie-rock album, it is the first time we heard music from this band, who, together with Marlene Kuntz, they’re the standard bearer of Italian indie rock.

Critics claim this one album is their best album, so far. We say it is their soldest, the most famous one.

The leader, Manuel Agnelli, who as much as the other band members is born in Milan, North Italy, is a cultivated person, with a strong ego.

We heard elements of grunge, acoustic rock and rock ballads.

Lyrics are very sarcastic and the speak of about love, friendship and other serious topics.

Our fave songs are: Rapace, Male di Miele, Pelle, Dea.



DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 16th April 2017

Duran Duran  – Last night in the city

Andy Taylor – Tremblin’

Dom Brown –  Blue boy

Warren Cuccurullo – Gone tomorrow

Arcadia  – Say the word

The Power Station – Some like it hot

Neurotic Outsiders – Story of my life

The Devils – Aztec Moon

John Taylor – King porn

Autohypnosis – The nuclear winter of our discontent

The Gravity Drive – Wake up dawn

Michael Des Barres (Silverhead) – Hello New York

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Go to sleep

The Rolling Stones – Your love is strong

Samuel – Vedrai

Elbow – Gentle storm

Harry Styles – Sign o’ the times




DD TV xx

DD TV – Why was it their last encore ?

I’m continuing the blog series about the “sudden” end of careers of some of my music heroes of the ‘80s.

I know it might read sad, but I am realizing that blogging on this one topic is helping me to be introspective, to share thoughts I could never share before. In other words, there is more than my own nostalgia could be here.

One thing I never said so far, but I’m going to keep it stuck on the next posts on this topic, is my big thank you for sharing big moments in music!

The History. Talk Talk was an awesome new romantic, synth pop and later post rock band who released music up to 1992, mostly successful music. The EMI was their label, but when the guys passed to work for another record label trouble started and their career had a stop.

My memories. Thankfully, I could enjoy their career throughout the Eighties, from their peak in mid-80s up to the end of the decade: I was in my teens. I enjoyed their music on the radio, whenever played in the DJ sets of the dance clubs, at school. I can remember there was much (positive) talk on the band within my classmates. I loved the lyrics and sang their songs loud (although I never cared that much of their meanings). I can remember they weren’t a band targeted for gossip, they managed to keep certain credibility musically, at least in my country: they succeeded to be music icons, not imagery icons; they could reach the top of many charts of the time, without focusing on the visual aspect of their music. Their music, not their outfit was trendy, in fact.

Why did it end in my opinion? It is not the first time I come to know that a successful music career has a drastic stop with the change of a producer or of a record label. I am a bit scary, because it seems the freedom for creating music is partly like “banned” by forces out of the performers. I always rated the ‘80s as the “partying years”: we all had a party, but now I realize it couldn’t go on for long and not for all; I didn’t want this blog series to become the tool to discover it.

In these past few days in my country there is a controversy over the destiny of talent shows: this argument might sound old in other areas, but it seems it reached the peak because it is involving one reality format that was seen as the only “credible” one by record companies and TV critics, aside a good part of the Italian music fans: the fact that these shows are blamed for killing music. Well, looking back, it was also something else that led music to be in agony!! And this “something else” is backed by the support of few agonizing (or” surviving”, it depends on your point of view).

All of my support to the “real” artists! I may be alone within the few music fans to be backing their battles, but I am sure more fans will comprehend the reasons why these artists are struggling, why they rant, why some of they were forced to get retired. These artists do it to save (their) music from general decay. Time will be, once again the healer.


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 9th April 2017

Duran Duran  – Butterfly girl

Andy Taylor – Take it easy

Dom Brown –  Talking blues

Warren Cuccurullo – The astral music box

Arcadia  – The flame

The Power Station – Hot pants live in Japan 1996

Neurotic Outsiders – Janie Jones

The Devils   – Lost decade

John Taylor – Tight

Autohypnosis – Information is boring

The Gravity Drive – Wake up dawn

Michael Des Barres – Room full of angels

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Go to sleep

A-ha – Move to Memphis

Bianca Atzei – Ora esisti solo tu

Drake – Passion fruit

Prince Royce and Shakira – Dejà vu




DD TV xx

DD TV F*ck-it list – April 2017


You will find listed below in no particular order and with  a short, more or less hilarious comment, the things I think I just don’t love.

  1. I don’t like the Italian Easter sweet named “Dove”: too much sugar on it
  2. Watching gratuitous violence on TV, rows, hard words screams: can we please calm down a little?
  3. I don’t like being dropped out
  4. It is bad in this period of the year to end my working days mentally exhausted, it too often happens!
  5. Finishing my things around dinner time.
  6. I might sound boring, but I have trouble dealing with touchy music fans
  7. I don’t like go and strike very much: I know it’s my right, but Trade Unions are weak today (in my field) and striking is getting expensive
  8. Don’t like the messed up things, the confusion in planning
  9. These days don’t like watching the TV news, but I can’t avoid it

DD TV Playlist – 2nd April 2017

Duran Duran  – Anyone out there?

Andy Taylor – Night train

Dom Brown – Amazing

Warren Cuccurullo – Machine language

Arcadia  – Goodbye is forever

The Power Station – Living in fear

Neurotic Outsiders – Union

The Devils   – Signals in smoke

John Taylor – John Taylor Q&A

Autohypnosis – To welcome death with noise

The Gravity Drive – Wake up dawn

Michael Des Barres – Only you

Luke Skyscraper (Fashion)  – Go to sleep

Joan Armatrading – Kind words and a real good heart

Elodie – Tutta colpa mia

Feist – Pleasance

The Cranberries – Why



DD TV xx