DD TV Playlist – 17th September 2017

Duran Duran –  Mediterranea

Anna Ross – First day

Andy Taylor – Take it easy

Michael Kratz feat. Dom Brown –  Never take us alive

Arcadia –  El Diablo

The Power Station –  Communication

Warren Cuccurullo –  Mirror Margana

John Taylor –  Everyone is getting it but me

The Devils –  Dark Circles

Neurotic Outsiders – Nasty-Ho

Autohypnosis –  Hopeless American Summer

Luke Skyscraper – Go sleep inc.

Michael Des Barres (Detective)  – Grim Reaper

The Gravity Drive – Wake of the dawn

Shakira – Whenever, wherever

Samuel – La luna nuova

Sam Smith – Too good at goodbyes

U2 – You’re the best thing about me


DD TV xx


DD TV Eye on Fashion – September 2017

Eye on Fashion

Milan Fashion Week  September 18th – 24th September 2017

We are happy our music heroes are recruting teens within our fan base, which is made also of older people, to advertise their t-shirts and items of clothings off their ctaalogue of their own merchandise.

Valentino is owned by the Arabian Emirates; Krizia is owned by non – Italian hands: the famous “Made in Italy” logo was born here to be sold away.

Another fashion-related trademark is owned by non-Italian guys: Bulgari.

Top models in music? In the 80s few top models made amazing albums, although they were not properly professional singers: We pay homage to Sade, Brenda Russell; the late Whitney Houston started as a top model and ended up as a vocalist; later Naomi Campbell did an album. The most successful was the lovely Sade. Rock on girls with your style!

“Punk Masters” by American designer Patty Palazzo: Patty is an awesome woman-designer, very much on demand. She can create some cool drum logos (played by some awesome drummers): she’s been doing designs for new tees; she designed artworks for records and books.  The gracious and talented Patty is hosted in this space as “special guest” in the behind the scenes of the Milan Fashion Weeks.


June 20th –  Italian designer Carla Fendi passes away. Design in peace, your legacy is awesome.

11th July 2017 – The Vogue Fashion Night out is scheduled on 14th September. Although the pioneer of this event is gone (Lady Carla Sozzani passed away last December), our City Council decided to carry on setting the same event in memoriam.

15th /16th July 2017 – Sad day as it was the 20th anivrersary of Gianni Versace’s death, the Italian designer. Many people and many popstars remembered him on their social pages. He was missed and he will be missed. Design in peace. The day after we cried to the memory of Elio Fiorucci.

Mid-July: in September, the Italian National Chamber of Fashion will present designs of clothes and of cars for the so-called “Green fashion”, that is: prototypes of clothing and of design products conceived by using sustainable sources of energy and fabrics, materials. Can’t wait to see the projects!

21st July: the export of the “Made in Italy” design in the world has grown fast in the past few months: fashion, food and tourism are the newly re-generated fields of our economy. + 2% of income. Awesome!

Late July: Tiffany launched a party for the opening of a new store in piazza del Duomo, Milan and few awesome famous designers were guests at the meeting: Missoni, Versace. Glamour as ever!

August 1st: The Milan Council already announced the four traditional Fashion Weeks of next year and the “Art Week” in April. Wow, our Mayor didn’t want to waste time by anticipating things of 6 months … .

Late August: Italian designer Roberto Cavalli is back to do fashion shows out, open air, no longer inside private venues. The Milan City Council offered him the place that once was usually occupied to British designer John Richmond and after a long dealing, Cavalli on September 6th, accepted!! Awesome.

7th September: LMHV and Bulgari, two of the leading world fashion companies announced to not “welcome” in their casting too thin girls: this to discourage very young women to fall into depression and food diseases. Finally, it is a step forward to fight the stereotype that “only thin looks beautiful” (so wrong…)


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 10th September 2017

Duran Duran –  Notorious

Anna Ross – First day

Andy Taylor  – I might lie

Michael Kratz feat. Dom Brown –  Never take us alive

Arcadia –  Election day

The Power Station –  Power Trippin’

Warren Cuccurullo – Lazy modes

John Taylor  –  Run of the mill

The Devils –  Barbarellas

Neurotic Outsiders – Six under foot

Autohypnosis –  Hopeless American Summer

Luke Skyscraper – Go sleep inc.

Michael Des Barres – The key of love

The Gravity Drive – Wake of the dawn

George Michael – Faith

Giorgia – Scelgo ancora te

Demi Lovato – Sorry not sorry

U2 – The Black out


DD TV xx

DD TV – Peace and War

Prior to say I would like to refrain from doing a political – oriented blog; I’m not so sure I’ll keep this intent alive right thru the end of this blog.

I’m only going to mention that we are living in a little safe world; that religion is mistakenly taken s “power to rule” and many of the Western leaders, tin my opinions are weak and mediocre. Certainly the moment we are living is influencing many musicians: (I can recall the two Gulf Wars encouraged rockers to realize fantastic albums). Let me clarify I do not want war to hear amazing rock songs….!

However going back into my world, peace and war can be seen also in the happiest moments of my heroes: how come success is often accompanied by shadows?

In the course of the years I became aware that success, popularity and fame – not to mention the stellar super stardom “à la Beatles” that only rarely musicians can reach, so to speak – are impossible to humanly bear by people playing in every group: each band member has his own rate of “sensibility” and just physical resistance to pressure, 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7 attention. Everyone in the bands can make their best to be anywhere and to do anywhere their Management tells them to, at their peak of stardom: all of this (and maybe much more) is basically the block of reasons why I sadly cry for split ups and forming of factions in the fans communities. Every artist can pray and aspires to reach any kind of success level, but none is prepared to what might come after, there can be no “plan B” for them. In the course of their long time career, if survived to the split-ups and cracks inside after their overwhelming success, artists daily have to deal with money issues, royalties issues, the creativity directions with the rest of their crews … with us, loyal fans, watching and reacting!

When I was a teen I just enjoyed my music, I had the posters of my heroes stuck on my walls and I ignored all about the artists’ tensions; as opposite, today, ALL matters behind a three minutes song, as we come to know about the making of this and that. It is the human evolution of most of ourselves as older fans and our wisdom acquired should prevail to let it go and enjoy, but it is not always so and you keep arguing with the fellow fans …  I became aware of broken long time friendships after futile discussions on music, I heard of menaces, I heard of separation. It is sad, but true. I want to be the most opened-minded fan as I can. The fans’ painful arguments spoil the reputation of the artists, fans should know it.

I came to know recently the truth about the current guitarist in the line-up of my fave band: just WHO he really is and WHO “sponsors” him: I can’t share this truth, because it would be dangerous and the current factions within the fans would be more marked; in the meanwhile, now, my feelings of support towards this lovely guitarist turned stronger and … I am amazed, I am horrified by the wickedness of two of the musicians of the original line-up of this band. Their wickedness is unbelievable, it is nothing I can forgive and it is a shame.

In the end, success and continuous success is something I still wish to all of my music heroes, solo artists, bands, actors and actresses, writers, poets … so on. The rest (tensions, rows, frictions, spoiled relationship within their co-workers) is just “fiction” to me: I can call me out of there.


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 3rd September 2017

Duran Duran –  I take the dice

Anna Ross – First day

Andy Taylor  – Mona Lisa

Michael Kratz feat. Dom Brown –  Never take us alive

Arcadia –  Election day

The Power Station –  Some like it hot

Warren Cuccurullo – Sid Arthur’s Message

John Taylor  –  I do what I do

The Devils –  Come alive

Neurotic Outsiders – Six feet under

Autohypnosis –  Luxury

Luke Skyscraper – Go to sleep Inc.

The Gravity Drive – Wake of the dawn

Lenny Kravitz – Thinking of you

L’Aura – La meccanica del cuore

Billy Corgan – Aeronaut

Pink – What about us


DD TV xx

DD TV – Thoughts on the streaming services

Music industry got emptied of real good artists and now it seems to be investing on listening services: it is another aspect of the digital music, after the download.

To understand the turnover of this new field, I’m sharing some data on the streaming service I was passed along this past weekend…

On every 1000 visualization off You Tube, artists earn 0,50 euro – on every 1000 plays on Apple streaming service, artists earn 6,12 euro, if off Spotify artists earn Euro 3,69 and artists earn 0,59 euro if off You Tube.  The above is like the following if we speak US dollars: artists earn 12 dollars if the streaming service is Apple; artists earn 7,50 dollars if off Spotify and artists earn 1,50 dollars if off You Tube.

The revenues off streaming services correspond rose up to 60% in the past few months. The 40% of the You Tube visualizations correspond to the 4% of revenues off music CDs sales.

My fave band’s label, Warner Music Group would like to see empowered the video streaming on Facebook, Spotify and on Apple, in order to try replacing You Tube.

As for my habits; I have to admit I do listen to my fave music via digital original files, but I’m not registered to any streaming service. I have also an app on my smartphone of a music listening service, which offers me the first 30 days unlimited streaming of whatever song, featuring 3 seconds of ads, but I chose not to use it, because with my other device, radio, TV music channels, stereo set, mp man, I can listen to music when and how I want. I feel sick registering myself on thousands music sites, getting new passwords to keep in mind and your newly created account(s) to keep up-to-date.

Streaming is now a newly added method to draw the official charts, at least in my country and I really wonder how many times of plays of a certain tune can be relevant to count the record sales. Listening helps purchasing, purchasing helps the sales, this is how they reasoned, but in my long time music experience, listening never immediately implies purchasing that record. So, for me today the charts are a bit “weird”. The charts are truthful, because hi-fi tech can’t lie on the numbers of plays and purchases, but the totalizing is not fair.

The only way I love using the streaming “mode” is the internet radio stations. I love listening to the music they air, streaming, because it is without stops, interferences, no DJs speaking over the tracks. And the internet radio stations are free, you do not need to subscribe, to get the service, my smartphone app just finds the radio station and the game is done..

I am not a magician and I think I am not able to make the ideal streaming platform, but if there is genius out there, his platform would have to be a sum of compromises, in terms of royalties – both for the artists, who go sharing their tracks and for the music fans, who can enjoy fully of the tracks uploaded.

Whenever my heroes invite me to join to listen to their Spotify playlist, I refuse to, because I have to register, I have to download the appropriate software, I should have my own profile and upload my own playlists…: to me it is a vicious game and I don’t complain about it for laziness.

Streaming services is the new frontier, the new field where artists and record companies are fighting their war and this competition corresponds to the conquest of your home telephone line by the new major mobile companies.


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 27th August 2017

Duran Duran –  Stop dead

Anna Ross – First day

Andy Taylor  – Choices

Michael Kratz feat. Dom Brown –  Never take us alive

Arcadia –  El diablo

The Power Station –  Communication

Warren Cuccurullo – In-flight entertainment

John Taylor  –  Gabe

The Devils –  Newhaven- Dieppe

Neurotic Outsiders – Story of my life

Autohypnosis –  Middle management

Luke Skyscraper – Go to sleep Inc.

Michael Des Barres  – Can’t get you off of my mind

The Gravity Drive – Wake of the dawn

Gary Numan – Are friends electric?



DD TV xx

DD TV Glam Pop Party – August 2017

We are saying goodbye to August 2017 the last summer month… so it was, when the climate on the Planet was right.

However we have to share the new end-of-the-month list!

We have decided to change the method to make the lists: the subject that we pick up “goes versus” the other topics we are used to discuss on our blogs. It must be said that not all the rest of the topics are suitable to the subject we have chosen.

This time the topic is “Legacy – currency”

Clothes/styles vs. legacy-currency

The vintage clothing items should never be thrown away, as time and our experience tell us that old fashion trends are used to be re-estimated. The old designs that made legacy become currency.

The question vs. legacy-currency

What is “currency” to the ears of the current major record labels men?

The top albums vs. legacy – currency

Currency goes behind legacy, that is the young breakthrough artists are influenced and inspired by the old milestone albums.

The challenge vs. legacy- currency

In the arts, the main challenge is to keep the legacy alive and the currency relevant. What it takes for the challenge is talent, creativity and the necessary support of fans.

The charts vs. legacy – currency

The old charts made legacy, the current charts make you … remiss the good old days… ! Current charts show records of new music genres rising up in the ranks and the “streaming and download” methods used to draw the charts, can show you new realities facing up.

Live Aid, Live 8 and Live Earth vs. legacy – currency

The legacy of these shows is an open book, as their social (and political) messages were addressed to the then politicians, but in the course of the years politicians changed. The level of global awareness has changed too. The three “Live”s are not relevant today, but are milestone events, they are a benchmark in music industry, they are like “.. the lighthouse in the sea of live music”.

Music Awards vs. legacy – currency

Some of the artists honoured in the various Music Awards have left an awesome legacy, hard to be replaced and hopefully the new breakthrough acts should be able to do the same today, as the “new guys” have much of their side, apparently, at least.

Video clips vs. legacy – currency

The video music industry left the mark in the past few years. New technologies on computer graphics, etc. … should be a source of encouragement and inspiration to keep the music video industry alive. The only key factor to work on is to keep also the music fans’ interest in this medium alive.

News vs. legacy – currency

History in music is full of more or less big and shocking announcements and it still happens to hear whatever that might cause stir. Looking back, the new thing on the field we have to “struggle”, so to speak, are the fake news: thanks to the social media the fake news have a larger impact on people than the real news, and the collateral effects of this impact aren’t very good. It must be said that, relatively to the recording industry, both news and fake news are often out of control.


DD TV xx

DD TV Playlist – 20th August 2017

Duran Duran – Ball of confusion

Anna Ross – First day

Andy Taylor  – Tremblin’

Michael Kratz feat. Dom Brown –  Never take us alive

Arcadia –  The promise

The Power Station –  We fight for love

Warren Cuccurullo – Think Kartoons

John Taylor  –  Soul fire

The Devils –  The Tinsel ritual

Neurotic Outsiders – Janie Jones

Autohypnosis –  Meanwhile

Luke Skyscraper – Go to sleep Inc.

Michael Des Barres  – I want love to punch me in my face

The Gravity Drive – Wake of the dawn

Touch and go – Straight to number one



DD TV xx

DD TV Glam rock party – August 2017



Guitarists are an open book, they have an immense culture on music, on names: we’re in a state of awe whenever they speak of music.

By the way of prog – rock, jazz rock music: we can say we are amazed of hearing such musicality on studio albums. We guess rock tends to be “exclusive”, whereas pop is more open to inclusions, influences and contaminations from other genres.

We noticed from the fans’ feedback we hear and we read on the various blogs that the rock covers of originally pop hits are usually able to give “new life” to those hits… and we agree with them!

We are long time rock music fans and this question came out one day: is it necessary tp scream and to make a “rock” voice (à la Bryan Adams, à la Rod Stewart) to sound recognizable?


It is a breakthrough act, formed in the States, Las Vegas, in the 2010s, but musically this multi-Grammy Awards winning album (well-deserved, in our opinion) features some “moments in rock”: it is Brit – rock of the 80’s, the heavily-influenced-by-synths one: it musically and stylistically recalls Queen of the 80’s, David Bowie in the 80’s… .


We say goodbye to Greg Lake off the prog-rock trio “Emerson, Lake and Palmer”, “Lucky man” is their most famous hit. The surviving band member Carl Palmer did a moving tribute to him. Rock in peace. 2016 is cruel to music fans.

On late December we lost the Status Quo guitarist, Richard Parfitt: we knew his guitar since we were little kids, as in 1978 we were crazy for their hit “Whatever you want”. Rock in peace, Rick!

On 19th March, the pioneer guitarist Chuck Berry passed away: he created the ground for rock and roll as we know it and he was famous also for the “Duck walk” when he played the guiatrs. Berry, who was 90 years old, he influenced ALL the guitarists. RIP and walk like a duck in peace, Chuck!

Why in the TV Talent shows rock songs are rarely chosen for the competitors to perform? What are the rules to respect in the assignment process?

The is TV commercial going on heavy rotation on CNN and it features a legendary song of Ramones. Good taste, the CNN guys…

14th June 2017: Shine in peace to the rock icon of the ‘70s Anita Pallenberg, actress, muse, groupie and model and ex-wife of Ekith Richards of Rolling Stones. She was in rock music thanks to her love affairs with members of The Rolling Stones.

20th July 2017: we have lost  the lead vocalist of Linkin Park, the pop-metal American band. Chester Bennington was only 41 and he committed a suicide just as Chris Cornell, a close friend, who was the lead vocalist of Soundgarden, Audioslave. Rock in peace.

German Rock, US rock, …? It is always rock and roll, we think.




It sounds the closest thing we heard on the New romantic rock, in fact the album was released in 1978.



Music ranges from rock to country, to “Irish” music. Jimmy Page is one guitarist who can play whatever, he goes beyond rock: guitar God, guitar Master!
Topics of lyrics are love and friendship. There are particular lyrics like The immigrant song, Hats off to /Roy) Harper and Bron-aur-Stomp, which cover specific subjects and have an original story.
Our fave songs are Celebration Day, Gallows Pole, Since I’ve been losing you, Bron Y Aur Stomp. Tangerine is a very loved track by the Zep fans, whereas we weren’t much impressed.
This rock album is flawless and that was guaranteed by the one band as they have been . Only, we were surprised to find in so much “country” music and sort of “Irish” guitars !!!


This was their third album, the one featuring the smash hits: Walk this way and Sweet emotions. In fact they are the two tracks that made us know the band.

Musically it is hard rock, to some extent very close to the rock of The Rolling Stones. There is also an experimental Elvis-style track

The lyrics all focus on human madness, the lyrics read “naïve and carefree”, easy: the truth is that they speak of more serious topics.

We love: the title track, No more, No more. Amazing guitar riffs overall.


DD TV xx