DD TV Legacy – Leaving Neverland … for “Witch hunt” land

I watched the subject-of- recent-much-talk documentary about the late and great Michael Jackson in mid-March, the footage which is becoming the “case of the year”. The footage was first projected at the “Sundance Movie Festival”, then on some of the major TV stations and arrived, in mid-March,  in two parts also on the Italian TV. […]

DD TV Glam rock party – January 2019

OUR OPINIONS, OUR THOUGHTS… Hello peeps! Resuming our latest adventures from rock world… We’d like to share our good opinion on the so-called “hard-pop” albums… : for example, one of the latest Prince’s spin-off projects, for example certain American bands in the ‘80’s, at the peak of “New Romantics” released albums where the guitars sounded […]